Dwight Howard, Matt Barnes, Masin Elije

Matt Barnes (inset), retired teammate of NBA center Dwight Howard, left, offered his opinion on the scandal involving Howard and a gay author who claims he is the ex-boyfriend of the Washington Wizards star.

Masin Elije, right, claims Howard’s pastor threatened him if he didn’t turn over all evidence of an alleged relationship between him and Howard.

Elije claims he refused to sign an NDA or take “hush money” from the pastor on behalf of Howard.

Barnes and retired NBA player Stephen Jackson went live on Instagram to discuss their take on the rumors surrounding Howard, whom Barnes played with in Orlando in 2000.

Barnes had nothing but nice things to say about Howard, who is out with a gluteal muscle injury.

“He’s a very good basketball player.” Barnes said, adding that Howard tends to play too much. “He’s a monster. He’s a big ass kid.”

Barnes said he had no issues with ghey or transgender people, but he doesn’t agree with how trans issues are handled on social media.

“My beef is… when sh-t go south with these trans and these celebrities, they always wanna out somebody and embarrass them, you know? And that’s how people end up getting hurt!”

Watch the video below.