Kevin Hart, Kenzo Hart, Pharrell Williams

Comedian Kevin Hart, left, and music producer Pharrell Williams, right, volunteered to help feed the homeless at The Los Angeles Mission Hosts Thanksgiving Event in Los Angeles, Calif., on Wednesday.

Kevin, his wife Eniko Parrish Hart and their children: daughter Heaven Hart and sons Hendrix Hart and Kenzo Hart made it a family affair. The Harts and their friends wore custom black t-shirts that read "Cooking with the Harts" on the front and back.

Pharrell helped feed the homeless at The Los Angeles Mission Hosts Thanksgiving Event in L.A.

Pharrell's wife Helen Lasichanh and their son, Rocket Ayer Williams, served Thanksgiving dinners to the homeless at The Los Angeles Mission Hosts Thanksgiving Event in L.A.

Actress Nia Long and her sons Kez Sunday Udoka, 7, and Massai Zhivago Dorsey II, 18, were also on hand to feed the homeless at The Los Angeles Mission Hosts Thanksgiving Event in L.A.

Nia, 48, put Kez in charge of the collard greens. Kez's father is Nia's longtime domestic partner, former NBA player Ime Sunday Udoka.

Photos by FayesVision/

  • pecancandy

    Happy Thanksgiving ?!

  • Li-Wright

    Awh so sweet. But why did Nia name her kids names that nobody can pronounce? :)

  • tintin

    Nice... sometimes it's nice to just give back to the less fortunate.

  • R Smith

    Probably because they're named after their dads? :o)

  • davine puddin

    I wish i could see pharrell triplets or atleast know their names.

  • Skin Deep Beauty

    Id be impressed if they did this without fanfare and more than one day a year!

  • Luv R

    ...I can't believe Massai is 18!

  • Logan Roberts

    Nia has some nice looking kids.

  • What???

    Nia got that smoke cigarettes and drink coffee all day skin complexion.

  • sherri2016

    Every year here a lady name Bea Gaddy has been doing Thanksgiving for the homeless now that she's past her family has taken over she started it in the 80s after winning a little bit of money on lottery

  • ?Godmother ?ee?? ???

    Pharrell feeding the homeless in $500 designer shades! Girl Byeeee. Talk about being superficial and pretentious. And Kevin Hart couldn’t wait to have a white looking baby to carry around like a souvenir. He’s never photographed out with his dark kids. And Nia Long’s son is phionnnnee! (Fine). Yes god hunnee

  • Roxie Moxie

    You sound backwards as hell. ? I think you omitted the " I don't" between 'that' and 'smoke'. ?

  • Roxie Moxie

    Their names are pretty easy to pronounce actually. Lol It's better than these boys with apostrophes in their names....La'Quantariius, Le'DeVontarius.....???? Those names are the WORST.

  • What???

    No I meant exactly what I wrote. Her complexion looks unhealthy like she smells like Indian cigarettes and sips coffee out a mug all day.

  • Roxie Moxie

    ?? can see alla that but didn't notice Pharrell's sunken in AIDS face? ? ? Sounds like a touch of haterism.

  • What???


  • Roxie Moxie


    It's "ditto" first off.

    Secondly, if I'm saying you omitted something that would insinuate that she DOESN'T look bad, how am I a hater? Girl, get yo life. ? It's clear reading comprehension wasn't something you mastered. Lol

  • What???

    What did you mean by “alla”? I couldn’t find it in an English dictionary anywhere. I’m not insinuating anything about Nia’s looks other than what her skin reminded me of. You’re hating on Pharrell and his “AIDS” face. That’s what I meant by “diddo”.

  • Roxie Moxie

    You got it boo. Lol It's semantics at this point and I'm bored. G'night!

  • KcoolMuziq

    Pharrell(whom I met at the "Hidden Figures" ultra private screening) is the most down to earth, approachable,humble, celebrity I ever met besides Kanye, Will & Jada Smith.

    Nia(whom I attended an ultra private sit down SAG conversation with) said something so shocking it left me with my mouth to the floor. She has NO FILTER whatsoever.

  • KcoolMuziq

    Pharrell DOES NOT HAVE an AIDS face!

    He looks almost 20 years younger than his 40 plus years.

  • Kayke

    The Hart T-shirt’s were over the top, especially for an event he did not solely sponsor.

  • abby500

    Why do I hate seeing celebs do this? It seems so photo opportunity-ish

  • abby500

    That baby isn’t white looking and he’s always out with the other children

  • abby500

    Thank you

  • ?Godmother ?ee?? ???

    Ok well I think it does look almost white and that’s what it is. I’m not taking it back or changing my stance. ?????

  • Mrs. King

    Did u really say it...... U just might need JESUS

  • the guest

    Kevin is prouder of his mixed race child.

    He does spend a lot of time with his black children but the difference in his demeanor with them and the new baby is obvious.

    Remember the Christmas card with his black kids as an afterthought?

    If he wasn't criticized and under a microscope for being a colorist, he would spend less time with his older children. He was striving to belong to the Hollywood mixed family club.

  • ?Godmother ?ee?? ???

    Exactly. People want to deny the truth. The Black men are broke nobodies in the beginning. Then they suck a Beautiful Black sister dry of all her resources- spiritual, physical, and financial, and then the first chance they get the ditch her and get with the first near white Woman they see. Michael Jordan, Neyo, Steve Harvey, the list goes on and on...

    And I have never seen Kevin in public events like this one with his darker complexioned offspring.

  • the guest

    You are absolutely correct. Kevin was dying to join the mixed family club. I'll say it, and said it from the start, Kevin left his wife because she's black. Point. Blank. Period.

  • the guest

    Photo op

  • the guest

    You should submit Ms. Gaddy's name to Ms. Sandra for a Women You Should Know feature.

  • Melanated Goddess??

    Tax write off!

  • ClaireHuxtable

    It's good to see celebrities out helping in the community. We all need to help where we can. Although I'm not sure why Kermit's family needed special shirts.
    P.S. Where are Pharrell's triplets?? I guess they'll be 16 before we see a picture of them*sad* I'll bet they're so cute!

  • ClaireHuxtable

    I just said the same thing. We don't even know if they are all the same s3x.

  • Bashi22

    Like they all care for a photo up lol ?. Kevin little son looks like his daughter

  • Renee26

    I'm guessing Pluto, Saturn, and Moon


    all of - if u say it fast it sounds like all...a

  • Being bad is way more fun

    I am thankful for Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman being there !!!

  • Being bad is way more fun

    So what have you do for the homeless ???

  • leapyearpisces

    I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. I did. First time hosting and it went off without ONE SINGLE hitch, except I dropped one of my dishes at like 4:30 am in the morning, when I was getting ready to pour my roux mix on my baked mac and cheese and my daddy came out my master bedroom (where he and my mom slept), and literally sent my 42 year old ass to bed. No, this negro was REALLY like you are done, care your butt to bed RIGHT now, you been up too long, you are tired. We will clean up. But Tomas, turned out amazing!!! Tomas cooked in a record time of 3 hours (my dad and I checked him in like the main 5 parts with the thermometer ), and he was registering like 200 degrees everwhere, but all my family members even though old heads were like in all their 60 some years they have never had a turkey so tender, and so flavorful in their life. That is not any credit due to me other than I have a gift of picking bomb recipes, and I been deliberating over turkey recipes since November. I started narrowing them down like a contest. So if you interested, the recipe I used came from Allrecipes, and entitled maple turkey, if interested I can post the link later. They Tomas, the gay turkey because he was so sweet and tender. LOL. Anyway, I wanted to say, a lot of times these black men (NOT ALL) get with these quote, unquote "exotic types" trying to dilute their phenotype because they don't TRULY, love themselves, but you cannot RUN from your DNA, that is why I find it so FREADING ADORABLE how the son / baby he had with Euniwhatever, looks JUST LIKE his daughter - they are TWINS!!!! Like the baby looks MORE like his daughter than his other son in which he also had with Torrei!!!! I think that is so freaking CUTE!!!! :-)

  • Faux Gibbler

    I know my heart should be warmed by this but there is always a motive when celebs and charity collide.

  • Faux Gibbler


  • Faux Gibbler

    And you will do the same for your kids. This story brang tears to my eyes your Dad making you go to bed.

  • Faux Gibbler

    Steve Harvey was with a white woman?

  • Mr. Poopybutthole

    Kevin is always with All of his children....his daughter is standing right next to him.

  • leapyearpisces

    You about to make me tear up, because not that they are not without their faults ( who is, right?), but I really have been blessed with the best parents mother, bless her heart, done had 2 knee surgeries, so she doesn't walk like she used to, has fibro myalgia and was already sitting on the couch up late, because she was already worried, so when it happened, she done hopped herself over to the kitchen and immediate starting picking up glass, with her hand, and I'm fussing at her, then my girl twin done hopped up...and theyou already fretting, and then this 6ft. foot 60-something modo come out the bedroom no, shirt, tidy-widies, with his gun cocked talking about is everybody ok? and, he saw that crap on the floor, he said.. ah hell Leap, take your ass to bed right now (pointing and everything ) (the nerve to point to the direction of the twins side of the house, LOL), and I'm not playing either, you just been up too long..GO TO BED!!! We will mama mouthing to me, "just goooo", and then on the way to my boy twin room (he wasn't here), my girl twin gonna laugh and say, I guess that's why you tell us no matter how old we get, we will always be your CHILDREN...I woulda cuss them all out, but I had been up a good 48 hours, NO SLEEP.

  • leapyearpisces

    I hope you had a blessed, and wonderful Thanksgiving.

  • Missy

    Their names are pretty easy to pronounce actually.


  • the chosen one

    You spoke the truth on those names. Horrendous.

  • the chosen one

    He has triplets. WTF!!!!

  • Lady_Elle

    Ummm... why did Kevin bring a baby to the event?

  • MRiGOThim

    Good to see ppl giving back <3

  • Faux Gibbler

    Awe.. so sweet. Now I don’t wanna vision your Daddy in tightee whities LMAO.

  • leapyearpisces

    Chile!!! A mess!!!! We all were looking foolish 4:30 am. Thursday. LOL.

  • Skin Deep Beauty

    When I cook I fix my plate and instead of refrigerating the left overs, majed or paper plates grab bottles of water and handy wipes, walk does to Union Station and randomly pass it out to folk laying outside.... I got to CVS and buy Sanitary napkins and hand them out to the women. I catch things on clearance racks along with Clothes I have and hand them out at the women's shelter to the women standing in linen at night... And every EVERY SINGle PAYDAY I give at least 5 - 10 folk money and a brown bag of water and a sandwich... Don't try that BS WITH ME..IM A REAL AZZ CHIC whom give back on a daily basis and I don't WRITE NON OF IT OFF FOR TAX PURPOSES. I even hand out combs and brushes. So miss me with the BULLSHYT! I CAN GUARANTEE YOU and NONE of YOUR GITWITS DON'T DO NOTHING BUT DEFEND AND JOCK CELEBUTARDS AS IF THEY ARE SOME RIGHTEOUS gods...Child BYE!

  • JanusMaximus

    Looks like Kevin Hart's infant child is already taller than him.

  • sunni_daze

    This is nice but seems almost self serving and photo-op-ish

  • SpiceGirl

    Has ANYONE seen any pics of Pharell's Trips as of yetlately???