Quincy Brown

Kim Porter’s oldest son Quincy Brown was all smiles on a set less than a week after burying his mother who died suddenly at age 47 at her Toluca Lake, Calif. home on Nov. 15.

Quincy, 27, was all smiles while going live on social media on Thursday — 5 days after he buried his mother in Columbus, Georgia on Saturday.

Quincy added the caption: “FIRST DAY BACK @ WORK GOING GREAT!”

Quincy Brown

Quincy is Kim’s firstborn son. His father is musician Al B. Sure! who is best known for 1980s hits “Nite and Day” and “Off on Your Own (Girl)”.

While many of Quincy’s followers sympathized with the young actor, some criticized him for getting over his grief too quickly.

A few social media users said they took Kim’s death harder than her children, who are already back on social media.

One commenter on Rhymeswithsnitch.com blog wrote:

“These hollyweirdo folks are some twilight zone people. I know folks process grief differently, but as a young man you just lost your mother unexpectedly, and you all in the gram cheesing, already back at work cheesing. No grief stricken energy, the sacrifice is real out in these dark occult streets.”

Another commenter wrote:

“These kids: Quincy and the twins are looking a little too happy in these post KP funeral pics. I see zero remorse, these kids acting like they 3rd grade teacher died, not their mother. I’m sure behind those dark sunglasses at the funeral were a bunch of dry eyes. I don’t think she was loved too much by those kids or maybe Quincy’s just pondering on the upcoming rewards of his “sacrifice.”

But others defended Quincy, saying everyone grieves differently.