Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande was the laughing stock of Instagram after she posted an image of her new body art – the title of her new single “7 Rings” on her palm. Unfortunately, the tattoo artist made a slight mistake by etching Japanese Kanji character symbols that translates roughly to “BBQ grill.”

Ariana Grande tattoo

As the incorrect tattoo went viral on multiple social media platforms, Grande explained that she “left out (the other symbol) which should have gone in between”, but the tattoo procedure hurt.

“I wouldn’t have lasted one more symbol lmao (laughing my a*s off),” she wrote.

After enduring humiliation on the photo sharing platform (and on Grande tried to fix her misspelled palm tattoo but she ended up making matters worse.

The “Thank U, Next” singer paid another visit to tattoo artist Kane Navasard, and on Wednesday, she uploaded a new photo of the updated ink.

Ariana Grande tattoo

“Slightly better. Thanks to my tutor for helping me fix and to @kanenavassard for being a legend. And to my doctor for the (numbing medication) lidocaine shots (no joke),” she captioned the B&W image on her Instagram Stories. “RIP tiny charcoal grill. Miss u man. I actually really liked u,” she joked, referring to the “BBQ grill” tatt.

However, her social media users informer her that she didn’t fix the tattoo, as the new character symbols means it now says “Japanese BBQ finger” or “small charcoal grill finger”, instead of “7 Rings”.

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