Blac Chyna, Soulja Boy

Blac Chyna is doing her best to stay relevant by hooking up with washed-up rapper Soulja Boy, aka Young Drako. The one-hit rapper rejuvenated his stale career after he insisted he had a bigger comeback in 2018 than another one-hit rapper, Tyga.

In this photo posted on Soulja’s Instagram page, Chyna looks bored and impatient as they each use each other for social media ‘likes’ and clout.

In the photo, Blac Chyna and Soulja tool around in his rented Rolls-Royce featuring the RR Starlight headliner with night sky illusion created by hundreds of tiny fibre optic lights.

Chyna wears a black leather motorcycle jacket festooned with rhinestone studs, while the rapper wears a designer track suit with a SODMJ headband in place of his signature Gucci headband.

Soulja is among the rappers boycotting designer brands Gucci, Prada and Moncler for perceived racism.

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