Yandy Smith

Yandy Smith joined Team Natural by removing her hair extensions and styling the hair growing from her scalp. The reality TV star and mom-of-2 posted this Instagram photo of her glorious slicked back blonde tresses on Thursday.

The 36-year-old Harlem native is known for wearing bundles and bundles of human hair sewn or glued into her own hair. As a result of the heavy weave, she lost her edges years ago.

But time heals all, and Yandy was able to rescue her edges with good conditioning and protective styles with no-heat.

Yandy is best known as a regular cast member on Love & Hip-Hop: New York. She formally worked as an executive assistant to Mona Scott-Young, creator of the reality TV series.

She is married to fellow LHHNY cast member Mendeecees Harris, who is currently doing time in prison on drug trafficking charges.

Question: What do you think of Yandy's new natural look? Does her look inspire you to go natural?

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  • Indies beauty


  • Sacha

    I think I see a lace front

  • jeniefrumdabloc™

    That's that hexanbest heavy hipped demon Icki wig she got on ..... ugly https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/dad78f34fa415d3394b2cc8c610e0ad672f35151826e44c1a2754cb34e8beda1.gif Shout out to Nene in this gif .... because the nape of her wig looks a damn mess as well .... https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/f7401c5bf619f9ce38706b897da4a3c8359ec19ff77abcd4460251ff9b1135b4.gif

  • Missy

    Stop it Auntea.

  • Renee26

    Looks like a wig to me... Her hair is thicker and longer

  • Renee26

    That's NeNe hair at the bottom...the top was weave

  • Eileen

    good for her,,,

  • Topic Influencer

    That is a lacefront but this is silly bc we all know this girl has A LOT of hair. A LOT. And its beautiful. I dont even like her. But her real hair is like that

  • Renee26

    Ion like her make-up here.... She looks lizard like

  • Kanyade

    'Tis nothing but a lacefront wetted down with tap water.


  • jeniefrumdabloc™
  • Sushi

    I'm not so sure how team natural that is, but that lace front is not cute. ...

  • jeniefrumdabloc™

    yep and it's thick!

  • Renee26

    Her texture ?

  • Topic Influencer

    Its thick. Healthy. And gorge.

  • jeniefrumdabloc™

    Agreed !!!

  • Michelle

    Yandys hair natural hair is in an Afro Sandy you tried it

  • jeniefrumdabloc™
  • http://thedevereauxshow.com Ms.Devereaux

    Aunite cut da shiiii ?

  • Shira Harding-James

    Her eyes are gorgeous

  • Missy

    & she has some beautiful kids.

  • Kim’s Original Face


    How cany you not tell this is the same frontal ya president glues down.

    Stahpppp it ?

  • Faithz

    They sure are.

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z1lo6u-UIbo Nancy Drew-Natural & Luv’n It!

    the hairline looks a bit 'shadowy' to me, but i don't know what her "natural" hairline looks like, so i can't call it *shrug*

    anywho, her skin is glowing! maybe that should be the 'story' here. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/89e8bff840f7b066dba9a0e9e744eb581aafdea92dc9efeb4f60cc49e5cd7ad9.gif

  • Faithz

    Auntee, Auntee You got me Crying Lol...
    When you said Hair growing from her
    Scalp, Omg that got me Crying tears in

  • Faithz

    Shes A Natural Beauty!!

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z1lo6u-UIbo Nancy Drew-Natural & Luv’n It!
  • Faithz

    Omg...Still lol.

  • the guest

    Her hair looks wonderful!

  • Faithz

    That's real hair because there's no lace-front that can make your edges look like that.

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z1lo6u-UIbo Nancy Drew-Natural & Luv’n It!
  • Leigh John

    Is it natural if dyed blonde and straightened? Asking for friend?Bigger point, who cares?

  • MsVAllDay

    Auntie now you know good and damn well we all see that damn lace. Oh the shade!!!!! We need to start calling this here blog "the shaderoom" LOL LOL

    Regardless Yandy looks beautiful!!!!!!!!

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z1lo6u-UIbo Nancy Drew-Natural & Luv’n It!
  • TriniHarlem

    Her natural hair is more thick curly and longer but I know this is a thirst trap post. Happy Friday

  • MsPam

    She looks like NeNe but more attractive.

  • Renee Bee

    Issa iguana.

  • jeniefrumdabloc™
  • smartchickfl

    The sarcasm of it all??

  • primadutch

    Glorious and blonde don't rock in the same sentence, IMO.

  • Topic Influencer

    Happy Friday and a long weekend for me!! *Hugs you. Wish we was together so we could get into a bottle of wine or 5 and that other stuff Jesus left on the earth for us*

  • sunni_daze

    When did real hair from the scalp come with lace.

  • Renee26


  • Renee26


  • C0rTnEy

    Lies PURE LIES

  • Yui

    Well, she did buy it—

    So it is her’s. ?

  • Marlika

    Ain’t she tired of wearing dem colored contacts by now.??????

    * I hate blond on black woman Period!! I don’t care what shade they are**?????

  • Grace B

    Those are her eyes she was born with

  • Meme

    I actually think those are her eyes i never knew who she was so went on her Instagram one day her child has similar eyes

  • Yui

    Okay, Peter Thomas ?

  • http://www.legalizemelanin.com Legalize Melanin

    100% a lacefront but continue

  • Yui
  • Topic Influencer

    Dem her real eye balls

  • Stacey J

    Removed the weave but kept the fake contacts in....okay....baby steps I guess...

  • Willette Capers

    That's a lace front. It looks great on her!

  • Chipswife

    know Sandy u know dang well this slick back John Travolta look is fish net Lace Front

  • Braxton P. Hartnabrig

    Who cares if she wear lace front or natural. Weather she wear contacts or natural. She put herself in the bum BROAD boat because she choose to procreate with a thug out real ni%$@a drug dealer who left her to be a single mother. But thats the story line for about 60% of black women.

  • stav

    Yandy's real eyes are greenish grey, not blue.


    LMAO!! Those are Yandy's natural eye color - her son has the same eye color too...


    I just has to tell another fool the same thing....

  • Blak

    Sigh...Auntie one day we're gonna sit back and have a long tawk over a cuppa and go over lacefronts and contacts because ain't nothing natural about dat someting there

  • bemetoo

    Lace front

  • Marlika


  • Meme

    Some people's eye colour is actually chameleon like, changes according to what they're wearing the weather different lighting season and what not

  • Marlika

    Those are not her real eyes. Keep believing that b.s if you want.?

  • Applebootay


  • KcoolMuziq

    It looks like Kenya Moore is the ONLY reality star with naturally long locks. She takes REALLY good care of her hair.

  • MJF


  • MJF

    Right, like black people can't have light colored eyes. People are dumb af and think they know it all. Her son's eyes are beautiful, I guess the kid wears contacts too!

  • chaisun

    60% is a stretch sir. Respectfully. The divide between Black woman and men really needs to stop. We are better than that.

  • Robert lee Bennett OG


  • Topic Influencer

    She is not. Cynthia Bailey has a head full of hair. Yandy. Malaysia. But okay Kenya is the ONLY.

  • KJ Laneese

    That is WIG!!!

  • devonia

    So true. I have a friend who eye color changes. His normal eye color is hazel. But can change to light green, a grayish shade, or even a golden color.

  • MJF

    it's a cycle that would never end... sad to say

  • Nina Ross

    That’s not African hair

  • jwoo250

    That's her natural eye color...lol Her son inherited her eye color. Now that thing on her head is a wig. Her hair is natural and longer than that. She has thick hair.

  • Nina Ross

    Cynthia wears nothing but wigs

  • Topic Influencer

    Of course the internet dug up pics of Yandy as a kid KID. Real eye balls. Unless she was rocking contacts at 9 yo. Her kids have the same eyes. Sometimes blue. Sometimes green

  • bemetoo

    So no post on T.I. diss record of Floyd...I mean everything t.i said was true but coming from him is hypocritical

  • Nina Ross

    Her eyes ain’t blue

  • Topic Influencer

    It doesnt mean she aint got a head fulla hair

  • jwoo250

    Those aren't blue contacts. look at all her pics you'll see her eyes change color depending on the lighting.

  • Topic Influencer

    I am not sure what dismissing her eye color as real is doing for these naysayers on here. But this girl got light eyes. And I personally dont think they are contacts. But hey.


  • BeUtFullSoul

    It looks like a Wig...but, Hey ijs!

  • MsPam


  • jwoo250

    You can tell those are natural in that video. My auntie and cousins eyes are that color. If you look at Nikki Minaj and Mary J eyes you can tell the difference with contacts. Se doesn't have the fake lines on the pupil.

  • Tamara Artis-Dawkins

    I follow her and she wears her natural hair a lot and that is not her natural hair.

  • Topic Influencer

    THIS! I can tell too. I been in contacts for over 20 years. You can tell when they are fake.

  • Meme

    Yeah it's nuts!

  • SingleGalCrazyWorld

    That is a wig Sandra...this hair is from the Mountains of Malaysia where the wildflowers grow....

  • jeniefrumdabloc™
  • kre

    Getting like mediatakeout with these false claims.

  • Dowoop

    Even if she stole it, it's hers now.

  • Lucy

    Cynthia is almost bald.

  • Topic Influencer

    Sandra what is going on with TI sister Precious? I keep seeing she is very sick. And I saw where she was in and out of the hospital at the end of 2018. Prayers for the Harris fam. Precious is their absolute ROCK man. Got the sads over it.

  • SingleGalCrazyWorld

    Thats because its all ate out in the back...like Pacman been chewin on it...

  • jeniefrumdabloc™

    lololol dead!!!!

  • SunRiseBlossom


  • jeniefrumdabloc™
  • jeniefrumdabloc™

    those her real eyes... doesn't matter she still fake as fawk ... her character https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/14a9eeb58f59075def221de1e49c0d6c91092e0a1c844d4ca742a0cbc42c2070.gif

  • IamAllnatural

    I believe that is her natural color eyes because her baby eyes are the same color.

  • Yoni7

    What is the name of that highlighter she is using? It is GLOWING GLOWING!

  • MsVAllDay

    LOL straight up shenanigans!!!!

  • MsVAllDay

    Wildflowers LOL LOL

  • SingleGalCrazyWorld

    IDC but she looks beautiful...Try the Lancome Glowing Lights Glow Subtil Silky Creme Highlighter... the pic looks like the artists used a creme based highlight....if you like powder highlighters the Teint Couture Shimmer Highlighter from Givenchy will give you this look too...

  • Sassie

    That's a wig, LOL.



  • jeniefrumdabloc™

    Rhi has a highlighter as well ... saw a tutorial she did on youtube

  • Alextra Ballard


  • Alextra Ballard



    Who cares... debut you hair to your man and girlfriends.

  • SingleGalCrazyWorld

    Yeah I like the Fenty highlighter...the "Trophy Wife" highlighter glow is very nice but juvenile...I gave mines to my co worker who is in her 20's...My older clients dont like it so I use the Lancome or the Givenchy if they want that subtle non partycityish type glow...

  • Yoni7


  • Ryan

    It just looks like wet hair?

  • Alextra Ballard

    why does she put me in the mind of Mary J Blidge

  • Fire & Ice

    Those are her real eyes

  • Dem Moore

    She looks like a fish, I cant put my finger on which one.

  • guest

    Pretty. I love natural hair.

  • Keekz

    Bless your heart, this is not her natural hair. Looks like a lace front wig.

  • Rayne

    You know it’s a lace front when they do the multiple edges thing. Swoop swoop swoop thing ????

  • GrapeCrush

    I’ve always wondered if those are her real eyes or if she wears colored contacts

  • Raquel

    WTF is up with this "wet hair" look??

  • Raquel


  • Keyshia Ray

    But fake eyes ? gotcha lol

  • Yup, I said it


  • heezy93

    why did you yell it out though lmaoo

  • WhoYouTalkingAbout

    umm thats not her natural hair tho.. it looks like the same wig that alot of other women are wearing these days.. it looks a mess btw

  • dru and neil

    I wish natural hair would make a comeback. We didn’t have all these wigs on everyday not even ten years ago. If somebody was wearing a wig, there was usually a medical concern or she was old. Now it’s the norm.

  • dru and neil

    I agree. ?

  • Seldomseen

    Lord not tap water

  • dinedaaka

    I was surprised they were real too until someone showed me an old pic of her plus on Instagram, her son with Mendeecees inherited her eyes.

  • Seldomseen

    Trophy wife is the truth! I am older so I use a very light hand. I also like becca

  • WinterIsComing

    Becca is my absolute favorite. I like to look like an Oscar when I hit the town.

  • hi-liter

    How that’s ha hair when you can see the lace round the front?

  • Y’all Jealous Cuz I’m Prudy

    The white girls have been wearing their real hair like that, for years. Its usally wet after getting out of the shower and on their way to work. Now black women think this is a trend they should follow..smh..but don't include me on this mess.

  • Rayscoty

    I thought that was a tranny

  • WutizstillHERE!

    Oh thats what they are callig the invisible lace wigs now.. natural..ooookay

  • Toni Toni Toni

    HAHAH! I Love PRINCE> I miss him

  • WutizstillHERE!


  • YouWontSayItButIWill

    Full Bred Catfish.

  • Dahl

    Madam Blogrunner has all the jokes. That wig is atrocious...

  • PLEASEDontTellMe

    you funny...that is no one's real hair!!

  • https://sandrarose.com SandraRose

    She is very ill. The family asks for privacy at this time. Keep them in your prayers.

  • https://sandrarose.com SandraRose


  • SingleGalCrazyWorld

    Yes I like it but the glow is too scattered and does nothing for winter skin....Beccas highlighters, blush and bronzers are the truth...Maui Nights blush from Becca looks perfect on brown skin...

  • Topic Influencer

    I sure will Sandra. Been praying since I saw it on her daughter page. I feel so bad for them. They deserve privacy too.

  • Dem Moore

    I'm weak lol

  • Rhondalousey

    Those are hers, one of her kids have them.

  • PrettyNetty28


  • Mrs.Meenie

    Lol!!! You got me on the click bait on this one, thought I was really gonna see a pic of Yandy’s real hair ?

  • Seldomseen


  • PrettyNetty28


  • PrettyNetty28


  • PrettyNetty28

    The one from finding Nemo. That Angelina Jolie played.


    Fake eyes and hair lol.


    Niggas love them tho


    It looks awful lol.

  • https://sandrarose.com SandraRose

    I'm surprised that some of you don't recognize real hair when you see it. ?

  • JustB

    Only a head full of all natural hair that isn't shown on a tutorial could inspire me to do the same

  • Dem Moore

    That's what I was thinking to....yall so funny....

  • Dem Moore

    Hey heffa good to see you

  • My Thoughts

    ??????..... You're sarcastically funny!

  • My Thoughts

    That was more like 20+years ago

  • https://sandrarose.com SandraRose

    But I'm not trying to be funny. ??

  • Y’all Jealous Cuz I’m Prudy

    Yes it does! I'll take the wet and wavy wigs over that broomstick look anyway and I don't even wear wigs.

  • Topic Influencer

    Some of these black female Roses are willfully ignorant and it's side line kinda irritating and sad. Some are the same ones who stay in here hollering the definition of race vs ethnicity, or trying to shame folks over black issues and don't realize that:

    A. Black people can have light eyes. Dark complexion people. That's their own REAL eye balls.

    B. You can have nice or long real hair and still wear wigs. Weaves. But that doesn't negate the hair on their head.

    Then comes in the ignorance of well why if their real hair is long? What's the point?
    Answer: ?Bc they can

    Ugh. Nobody at the top of this post shouting those facts. But will be the first one trying to learn folks. I cant. *goes back to celebrity All Star*

  • Mrs.Meenie

    Just an FYI....I seen the picture on from the Home page which is obviously a pic of Yandy with a wig on.? I thought you would have another pic showing Yandy’s natural hair inside the post once I clicked on the title. If you are just being shady with this post I get that too but either way it’s just click bait b/c you aren’t actually showing a pic with her natural hair ? but you did asking us “What do you think of Yandy's new natural look?” C’mon Sis get it together ??

  • Moon Lee

    Lacefront all day long.... Sandra being messy ???

  • MrsSpice1

    Real hair? Lol so...wheres her REAL personality? Spirit? Hmp.? but what are those blue eyes? Not impressed. See it all the time..hair is over exaggerated...its hair. Fake or not. Why is it so emphasized is the mystery of all things? I guess seeing real hair on black women is suppose to be as equal as seeing big foot? Lol the foolishness and distractions of it all from just appreciating differences that dont harm you! If it harm them just be glad it isnt you ?..every race has flaws..i love being a woman because of the many options we have to switch sht up and play with our look styles hair clothes makeup etc..being a man is boring...unless ya a drag queen lol!

  • dontgetblocked

    There is nothing natural about that picture.

  • Keekz

    Yandy and her kids are beautiful, and have beautiful hair. This is a cute wig, but not her natural hair. However, the link below is a pic of Yandy w/her natural hair.

  • Hazel

    Her eyes do look real. They are very clear and you can see the strands of color. I have hazel/green 'chameleon' eyes (I'm black), my husband has pure green eyes( he's mulatto), and both our kids have pure hazel eyes. You never know how the DNA will manifest.

  • Passion

    I think her son has blue but I thought Yandy had green or gray, my niece first daughter has green eyes and the 5th girl and last girl has blue eyes! Genetics

  • Guest©

    Issa wig, lol.

  • Vonn

    Her actual hair looks beautiful. Thanks for the receipt.

  • luVn_liFe…

    yandy is gorgeous to me

  • And then there is that!

    Yo you said a mouth full. My grandpa had grey eyes, my uncles have grey eyes, my little cousin has cat like eyes, my god brothers eyes changes colors with their moods. My step cousin has one blue and one hazel eye. People act like these are only white folk features. I don't get it. The self hate, ignorance and need to tear others down under the guise its s blog it tiresome?????

  • Yvonne

    Ummm Cynthia is relatively bald. You don’t see how thin her little braids be? She has no hair to speak of. And those Afro wigs are NOT her real hair?

  • Rayne

    You must know what I’m talking about ?

  • Kayke

    It’s an app. The same app used to erase her smile lines and smooth her face can be used to alter eyes. My niece was born with blue eyes and has grey eyes now at 10 yrs old, but she also has natural light brown/blonde hair. My other niece has green eyes, with natural copper color hair. From my experience, Black folks beyond hazel eyes usually have a lack of melanin also in their hair. Yandy does not, so that is why I doubt they’re real.

  • Not a Housewife & Neither RU

    I'd love to see a picture of her natural hair, this pic unfortunately features a wig.........cute wig........still a wig tho

  • HoneyHitchcock

    You can see the lace on her lace front wig.

  • dru and neil

    Not where I lived. I can remember in the late 2000s, real hair being the norm. But I never lived in places where weaves and pieces were huge.

  • Stan4NoOne

    Yandy has all the features that should make you gorgeous...

  • Topic Influencer

    Dated a dude who has naturally honey brown eyes that turn green. From a family full of Geechie SC folks. All dark, wavy haired folks...with light eyes. Down to his paternal granny. Like wtf is wrong with people? Its maddening. Nobody was paying attention in biology class.

  • Topic Influencer

    Late 2000s was 2009. Folks were rocking wigs here NC. And VA. And Birmingham. And NY And my hairdresser at that time was a girl from Tampa. Wigs. And weaves. Might be regional. Idk

  • Star

    Are we sure that’s her real hair? Baby hair is a sign of a lace front.

  • MsChocCookie

    Yandy’s real hair is off black and natural

  • R Smith

    Epic Fail! It looks a mess! She has beautiful hair under that thing...Why? Why is there so much space on the lace? Why is the lace bald? ugh!

  • brooklyn23

    Thats not her real hair oh pls

  • SmellyMel

    You right about that!

  • SmellyMel

    SandraRose now you stop playing with these people like that!!!

  • SmellyMel

    It’s called Filter Filter Filter!

  • Guest©

    You need to watch YouTube wig tutorials. Those vloggers can slay a wig.

  • lovelytori

    In this picture it is a lacefront. You can easily see the lace on her hairline. HOWEVER Yandy shows her real hair all the time it is long and thick with no perm which looks better than this blonde wig on her head in the picture.

  • kupkake

    Them edges.


    Nice Minaj circa 2018 look. Copying everything Nicki Minaj does... They come across as just annoying and lame, Not really stylish and fly and who cares about her hair... She is hit and miss with the hairstyles she needs to find a look that works and stick with it.

  • SpiceGirl

    I'm not an expert...but I going with EVERYONE on this...that is a lace front

  • Star


  • Queen B

    Every time I see this hairstyle I know its a wig lol

  • Society Has Changed

    Issa Wig Collection... in what y’all a 30 and 1b???

  • Desi

    The edges say it all. I saw a woman take off a wig and that shyt looked so real, it looked like she got scalped when she pulled it off.

  • Skin Deep Beauty


  • dru and neil

    That’s exactly the time frame I was thinking of, and where I was living, I didn’t see all these wigs in huge quantities. I don’t know about other folks. I was in Arizona and remember people still flat ironing their own hair, wearing short cuts, and looking cute. I don’t remember mass quantities of colorful wigs and pieces. None of my pictures from back then, out with friends, had a herd of weaves and wigs in them.

  • dru and neil

    I’m realizing that people have been growing accustomed to wigs far longer than I thought, depending on where they lived.

  • Allihave2say

    I read somewhere a while ago that Yandy's natural hair is very long. However, is she wearing blue contacts?

  • AndSo

    Honey, I love me my black people, but the truth of the matter is that any colored eyes beyond a lighter shade of brown is from Caucasian genetics somewhere in the family tree. It's science.

  • AndSo

    They have some sort of Caucasian blood somewhere int he family tree. THAT is the truth of the biology you talking about.

  • monique

    She wears her fro on the show sometimes, this is a wig.

  • Bam Bam Li

    You fully made me fallout with this ???????

  • jujumanji

    I honestly thought that was Kim bella at first glance then it all settled in and I was even more disturbed. But do you girl. Your man need snacks in the pen. Make that money honey.

  • Tell the truth

    This is not that child's real hair

  • XoXo

    I wish she would debut her real eye brows. Matter of fact, I wish all of these young ladies (and some old) would throw those dayum Kylie Jenner eye brow stencils in the trash!!!! There I said it. Good day!

  • XoXo

    They must have a sale on them because it’s the same one Ashanti is sporting.

  • Strip Club Veteran

    As a man even I know thats not her real hair. FOH!

  • ?jessica?

    Damn she look like she's bleaching too. She used to be a beautiful dark skinned girl. What happens. She has even done the colored contacts. I really thought she would be one of the few that stayed true to color

  • Desi

    Puddle water. That shyt looks soooo unnatural.

  • Holler If Ya Hear Me


  • EasyBreezy


  • Crazy tee

    Natural my ass

  • EasyBreezy

    Bleached skin, bleached lacefront, and reshaped nose. You go, girl.

  • Candie P


  • Candie P

    ISSA Wig

  • Wanda Morris

    Y'all fall for anything. This site made this crap up.
    Makes no sense. They do like Yandy so they throw BS like this around to hurt her. They do Beyonce and many others like this.
    y'all ain't figured out saurdose.com by now. This site is real racist. Just pay attention to their articles.
    Stay Woke.

  • ZRoJoTheLezBeyond

    I follow this one chick on YouTube named Cydnee Black. Beautiful chocolate skin and natural bright blue eyes. Her mom has the same condition/mutation, only she has 1 blue eye and one dark brown eye. Cydnee's eyes are beautiful!


  • Yetunde

    That’s a wig. She’s been wearing her natural hair on the show for a little while now.

  • Trace da Ace

    Been team natural for 4+ years.....wish I would have done it sooner....perms has shredded my hair...finally gave it up!

  • YellowSauce

    Lord THE SHADE .... lolololol !!!!