A Los Angeles man was arrested after public transportation passengers savagely beat him for throwing rocks at a city bus.

According to KTLA 5, the shirtless man threw rocks at a city bus and passing cars as he walked up and down a busy street in the Mid-City area of L.A. on Tuesday.

At one point the man blocked traffic along Ventura Boulevard and hurled rocks at a city bus, damaging the front windshield. He also threw a rock at a passing vehicle, shattering the driver’s side window.

After boarding the city bus, frightened passengers fled the vehicle through the back door. But not everyone fled the bus.

Courageous male passengers chased the man off the bus then stomped and punched him to a bloody pulp. Police eventually rescued the man from the passengers and he was arrested on suspicion of attempted carjacking and assault with a deadly weapon, according to KTLA.