Cardi B still hasn't learned her lesson after nearly sinking her own career when she admitted she drugged and robbed men for cash and valuables back in her starving stripper days.

The 26-year-old rapper angered social media followers when she announced the release date for her new track "Press" featuring an image of serial killer Aileen Wuornos, a sex worker who was executed for killing her johns during a murder spree in Florida.

Wuornos killed 7 men between 1989 and 1990 by shooting them at point-blank range. S. African actress Charlize Theron won an Oscar award for portraying Wuornos in the film Monster.

Cardi B appears in the promo with her wrists in handcuffs mimicking Wuornos's pose. She captioned the image: "PRESS SINGLE AND OFFICIAL ART WORK DROPS THIS WEEK ON 5/31!!!"

The mom-of-one has had a string of bad luck lately, including an arrest for allegedly beating a New York bartender whom she accused of sleeping with her husband, promiscuous Migos rapper Offset.

The Bronx rapper canceled upcoming concerts after she reportedly suffered complications due to her many plastic surgery procedures. She was reportedly upset that fans circulated images of her botched surgeries online.

A source tells Cardi will not set foot onstage until she fixes her botched surgical procedures.

Cardi also plans to take a page out of Beyonce's book by banning all cell phones at her next scheduled concert.

  • Meme

    She's an idiot! I feel as though if offset presses on her booty too hard everything will come bursting out of one of the liposuction holes like a burst boil ???

  • Jay

    Ok she is really starting to get on my nerves. Her time of fame needs to be up.

  • therealashland

    Diaper booty

  • iWasteTime

    Take a page out of Beyonce's book by banning all cell phones at her next scheduled concert.
    There is no cell ban at a Beyonce show, not yet. I've only been to one show that banned cell phone and that was a comedy show.

  • ?Patty Kakes?

    I cringe every time I see that second picture ?

  • Gloria

    “Shawty say it’s all her’s but why her thighs don’t match” ?

  • Mimi_131

    You can have cellphones at a Beyoncé concert.

  • Shawty


  • Soon2BWife

    How are your abs ripped but the rest of your body has cellulite.....?????

  • Trace da Ace

    oh well....she will still make long as she is giving click bait and keeping folks talking about her antics....she will make money. Hell Nicki has a inflatable ass, tits too.....and she can have a album cover of her in a thong and jordans (superbase, I think?).....and folks still bought her music......soooo...nothing to see here folks...moving on--->

  • WhoKnew

    Her sponsors need to pull their $$$$ from any shows, tours, clothing lines etc. Secondly, her victims need to sue her for $$$$ and in 4 seconds of going broke she will have that lopsided ass back on da pole spreading her scandal and disease all over da pole.

  • Blaque Mahogany

    I just finished binge watching Shes Gotta Have It. Lord, her butt reminds me of Shemekka.

  • Shawty

    Once liposuction is done you have to wear a faha (a body wrap) for at least two month after. She must be having issues because she is not following doctor's orders. I've seen her ALL over since she's done it with her mid section hanging out. No faha worn....not good.

  • Shawty
  • hottlanta

    Did she really buy her baby 80000.00 worth of jewerly.

  • Shawty

    Hadn't read that but I'm not surprised.

  • Coy little wink

    But when and where did she have a fat midsection to even need Lipo?

    She lost and weight after the baby I really don't think lipo was culprit....

    But hay what do I know?

  • Bossy704

    Cardi was cute before the surgeries. Her body is not big enough for her bum or breasts.

  • Shawty

    Not sure but the sculpted look seems to be what they going for now a days

  • Coy little wink

    She had the abs etched no doubt

  • Jacqueline Byrd

    And Nikki came under fire for her album cover saying looking a** nigga copying from Malcolm X looking out the window pulling the curtain to the side, and people still bought that. I think people don't realize it is a dog eat dog world and you have to stand out to get people talking even though that doesn't equate to people buying your music but at least she keeping her image out there. And she got a new movie coming out with JLo and Constance Wu so there is a demand for her.

  • Renee26

    Was the photo shoot pose her idea?? I doubt it.

    Blame the creative person hired to design it... They obviously thought it was funny to compare her to "Monster"

  • MrsSpice1

    Lets keep it real many women especially black get slack or accused of f’ing or suckin there way to fame this bird actually admit to doing foul sht to make it and its excusable! I agree she will continue to make money because the industry thrives off soliciting this type of bs to the “urban” crowd!

  • Coy little wink

    I'm not outraged. I think it's genius ? her team keeps coming up with crazy good ideas imo

  • Renee26

    Yep... Parents are dripping so the baby has to too ?

  • Trace da Ace she still gonna get her coins...and I for one....cant wait to see that movie with her and Jlo....not going to the movies but will wait till it gets on

  • Renee26

    Not that long... 2-4 weeks max. She was probably wearing it when everybody thought she was pregnant again.

  • Zeta Aggie

    Did Nikki admit to being a criminal who sold coochie and drugged and robbed men?

  • IyanlaVanzantoftheInterWebs
  • Coy little wink

    Yup...Dave Chappelle banned cellphones

  • Nita Pie

    I was thinking this samething, its a play on everything, that women was viewed as a vigilant in some womens eyes. I freaking love.

  • Topic Influencer

    I luh him

  • Coy little wink

    That's one way to look at it

    To me...the monster is fame itself and Cardi is just playing the game

  • Nita Pie

    She playing to the max baby this the samething they did when she fought Nicki at fashoin week. Tom Ford came out with her lipstick, like knot on the head or flying heels or some mess but it sold out in hrs

  • MrsSpice1

    Ppl will continue to support anyone or anything thats a trend no matter how foul or obscene the trend is!! Rather its a person place or thing! Its pure comical how easily ppl can be mislead to support what they claim to be against! Truth is cardi is more marketable then a black women acting out that way!

  • Coy little wink

    To the max baby...gotta love that strategy I certainly would do it

  • Trace da Ace

    I think your missing my point........MY point is/was that regardless of what shit she does....she will still make money...just like Nikki....regardless of the shit she has done (used the photo for reference purposes only)...she STILL makes money...... so YEA this photo will have some shaking heads...but....she will STILL make money.

  • ?Patty Kakes?

    If you can't see it then there's no need to explain

  • deidre martin

    why they have her face looking like nikki minaj! this is some real puppet ish!!! nose , eyes and all.

  • Tell the truth

    Why cardi picture looks like her neck is missing ?

  • Mama Dee’s Wig Maker
  • BallsJustFloppinRound

    Lmao this cute

  • Coy little wink

    So is your username ?

  • dru and neil

    Don’t understand the anger for two reasons: one, men talk about robbing and murdering men in rap songs all the time, two, this is who the masses CHOSE to put on top. Now folks are mad that a hood rat is actually a mess in real life? Make up your minds! I thought folks liked how “real” she is.

  • dru and neil

    ...and anyone watching any Eileen Wournos documentaries knows those sleazy men had it coming. I have no issues with Cardi B posing like her.

  • SpillyNillie

    I think the pic is cute...tis all

  • Gloria

    In other news, anybody watched the new season of She's Gotta Have It?

  • Maxx

    So ya'll cool with men calling women bitches, beating them, treating them like trash on songs & in REAL LIFE and you will support the heck out of them, but Cardi B goes ham on a few disrespectful men & now its suuuuchhhh a problem. GTFOH.

  • SingleGalCrazyWorld
  • Malai

    It won’t.. the world loves foolishness

  • Maxx

    I like Cardi & her teams creativity! Go ahead & turn a shade into a money tree! Not mad at you at all Cardi...keep being great & please stop responding to everything, just do you.

  • SingleGalCrazyWorld

    Im sure she's reading your statement and will listen to you...

  • Jordan’s Memory

    I had no idea a new season was on. What channel does that come on again?

  • Gloria

    It’s on Netflix.

  • hottlanta

    Yep like a ole man who has jet black hair n snow white gray beard.

  • sunni_daze

    Life imitating reality, nothing to see here.

  • hottlanta

    Just hope that she will be dripping with books 2 read n learn some new words where parents has to too.

  • B.Loveitt


  • sunni_daze

    Right. All this fake outrage.

  • Marlika

    What do you expect from a ignorant uneducated gutter rat from the Bronx?????????????????

  • Marlika

    I’ve only my watched the first episode..

  • ZRoJoTheLezBeyond
  • ZRoJoTheLezBeyond

    Yup, so did K Hart.

  • ZRoJoTheLezBeyond

    Unfortunately, you are correct. Tis the world we live in now.

  • ReadingIsFundamental4Real

    Male rappers get praise and awards for worse imagery. Remember when Eminem spoke very graphically about killing the mother of his child? That didn't get him banned from anything at all.

  • Lorna

    I'm on Episode two. I loved the Gentrification Jam in E1. This show is the perfect NY Black Art scene aesthetic!

  • Renee26

    Chile she's doomed... Her momma is an airhead who thinks abs are bones

  • YellowSauce

    I have this same energy Maxx ... Sick of the hypocrisy
    I am happy to be a woman and have no desire to be a man
    however WHY is this praised behavior for men and women are demonized ???!!!

  • chan chan

    I don’t support anything she does so ?????

  • BlockingTrollsAllYearLong

    I'm here for it. <3

  • BlockingTrollsAllYearLong


  • Rhyme and Reason

    People don’t expect anything more from her kind (former stripper) or a low class person of color, so it won’t hurt her!

    She’s really too big of a star for this low-brow promotion! But, sees herself as she is inside!

    The “machine” is behind her, she’s charting well, so that’s all that matters, and she’s not black, but Latino!

    But, just like others, i.e, R. KELLY, she can and will be cancelled when the wrong journalist or advocate with some clout speaks against her!

  • Pamela

    Is that the serial killer Allien Worsorus or something? Damn Cardi...

  • CookieMobster

    To quote my fav rappers of all time, 8-ball and MJG.... "Be a real n!gga believe in beating them hoes down, push her head into the wall till you hear that crackin' sound. Drown in the tub... Rub a dub dub" I still love em though. Posters on here are right. Men say this kind of stuff all the time and don't anyone say anything about it, but she is being real and getting backlash? Now I do believe she needs to have several seats whilst offset duck tapes her mouth shut but still. I am so tired of these double standards.

  • Navybeans95

    The double standards kill me....smh

  • Navybeans95

    Kill these damn double standards please...OK thanks...

  • Navybeans95

    I hope she figures this out and stops before its too late...smh...she didn't really need all this crap..

  • Maxx

    Thank you. The Bible does say WORDS ARE POWERFUL & I CHOOSE TO BRING POSITIVITY INTO THE WORLD. Your sarcasm is cute though.

  • Maxx

    To become a millionaire & look good while doing it.

  • Let them eat cake

    Okay, but he didnt actually do it. cardi b actually commited the crime and admitted it outside of her music on camera. big difference. but i def don't condone eminem even joking about killing someone.

  • Let them eat cake

    This is ya'll's queen.

  • Let them eat cake

    I'm on the 6th episode. Nola works my nerves a lot but i watch for mars and her friend clorinda.

  • SingleGalCrazyWorld

    Aint it tho...

  • missmiami305

    Not surprised. Anything to stay in the public eye. She’s seriously stolen all of Nicki’s mannerisms from her early days.....SOOOOO who’s really pressed lol. I wonder how many rappers she needed to write this track/album????. Either way, I wish she would go away. But she won’t because Caucasian millennials love to imitate the ratchet ish she portrays. Purely entertainment for them ?????.

  • Candie P


    Johns who solicit sex from prostitutes or strippers normally don't sue for things like this. They just chop it up to game.

    LOL, can you imagine the court proceedings?:

    John #1: "Hey judge! I attempted to purchase illegal sex from a underage stripper and got got. I'm requesting $400,000 for pain, suffering and blue ballz"

    Hahahaha! Who knew? right?

  • Dontgetdraggedhoe??


  • Reenaface
  • bb1812

    Must admit I'm actually loving the double down meself.

  • Marlika

    You’re just as ignorant and stupid as this gutter rat.

    2. She’s not a millionaire ?
    3. She doesn’t look good at all!!

    4. Go play and traffic and hope your life is taken by a tractor trailer!?

  • XoXo

    What does your Bible say about profanity, sexually explicit conversations, and going on social media spewing hatred (like she does)? You can’t serve two masters. Choose a side and stick to it. (Since you brought up the Bible). Js

  • XoXo

    If you study her pics, she has many out there that resemble Nikki Minaj. I think she secretly admired her. Imitation is a form of flattery.

  • SunSoy

    Being too real is being ignorant. Plain and simple.

  • 100milesperhour

    Who's gonna read them to her...Cardi, Off, Hennessy?

  • Zeta Aggie

    Hopefully not from jail which is where she needs to be!

  • jujumanji

    Another REACH post

  • Rhondalousey

    And to me they both remind me of lil kim (early years). Cardi and Kim should do a song together .

  • MRiGOThim

    OMG I did hear she & her Granny practice witchcraft lmao :P

  • Malai

    Didn’t rick Ross also talk about drugging women? He lost endorsements behind that and caught flack.. Cardi didn’t lose shit but gain...and she actually DID the acts and wasn’t just talkin shit on a track tryna sound cool...I don’t see the double standard you’re referring to

  • Malificent

    Sandra love that Cardi bending backwards photo though

  • Allihave2say

    If you haven't seen Monster starring Charlize Theron it's a must see. Her transformation into Aileen is profound and she is unrecognizable. (After you see it, cut Charlize off for dress the son like a girl).

    Cardi but is a tragedy. She needs to be quiet and lay off the surgeries before she's "broke N botched(SM)"

  • Moon Lee

    Don't be finessed by Cardi B. music. She's the Spirit of Satan...?

  • YouWontSayItButIWill

    At all...

  • Shawty

    I guess it depends on how extensive it is. My daughter just got it done in March and she is STILL in her faha per doctor's orders.

  • tintin

    who is outraged??.. like seriously.

  • Let them eat cake

    yep that santeria

  • onelove

    she shaped like nikki now..with that colorful hair

  • the guest

    Cardi is a provocateur.

    She's just selling her music.

  • Renee26

    Yeah... My bf got a BBL and didn't have to wear one at all

  • Shawty

    I think the faha's are for the waist. It is a procedure I'd NEVER consider. The things my daughter had to go thru weren't worth it in my opinion. To each his/her own. NOT FOR ME!

  • Renee26

    It's a full body shaper, basically a girdle that goes from under the bust to the knees. The bbl involves lipo too so some surgeons recommend it... It lifts the body and helps with swelling.

    My bf surgeon used some machine that took out the "lipo" fluid so she didn't have any tubes for leakage or anything. She wants to get it done again... Cause she gained weight and is lazy.

    Imma get my titties done. I hope your daughter is happy with her results

  • PetiteButterScotch

    Irony Aileen Wuornos said in her last interview before her execution how we would get hit by a meteor in 2019 ?

    That was hella specific...

  • Karen Brady

    She sneers like Nicki. AW was one spooky, scary, sinister broad.

  • Shawty

    She is very happy with the results and can't wait to come out the faha. I'm laughing at you saying your bf doing it again because she gained weight and lazy. I guess if you have the funds ti keep doing it more power to you but it would be really smart to maintain it.

  • Deanya Shaw

    Nobody lol