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Shaun King threw subtle shade at Jay-Z for accepting an NFL offer to make his wife, Beyonce, the Super Bowl halftime headliner for the next 20 years. The NFL is teaming up with Jay-Z's sports and entertainment company for "events and social media activism". Basically the new deal will allow Jay-Z to control the entertainment for the half-time shows.

King was baffled by Jay-Z's new gig with the NFL after the league blacklisted quarterback Colin Kaepernick for bending a knee for social justice.

While the NFL settled out of court with Kaepernick to the tune of $10 million, the former 49er has expressed a desire to suit up and play again.

"If you are baffled by the move that Jay Z just made with the NFL then you don't actually listen to his music," King tweeted on Wednesday. "He's a proud capitalist. It's the primary theme of his career. Last year he dissed people who performed at the Super Bowl. Wore a Kaep jersey. They made him an offer."

Though King's tweet seems tame, it's the last line that has his followers scratching their heads.

"They made him an offer" is just King's shady way of saying Jay-Z can be easily bought by corporate bigwigs if the price is right.

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