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Reality TV stars Jim Jones and Chrissy Lampkin lived a fabulous lifestyle on their mortgage bank's dime. Their New Jersey mansion was recently auctioned off after they stopped paying their mortgage 9 years ago!

According to gossip blog, Jones and Lampkin, 48, last paid their mortgage in 2010. The $680,000 home was recently auctioned off for just $100 in foreclosure.

The U.S. National Bank Association sued the couple back in 2017 for defaulting on their mortgage loan. Jones purchased the house in 2006 with a $680,000 mortgage loan at 6.875% interest.

The 43-year-old rapper agreed to make payments of $4,467 each month, but he soon stopped paying the mortgage. He hasn't made a mortgage payment in nearly a decade.

According to his mortgage agreement Jones would be liable for the entire loan if he went into default.

The couple eventually agreed to a settlement to avoid foreclosure. But they never met the terms of the settlement and the house went into foreclosure.

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  • FukkFolks2021

    WTF man.

  • CookieMobster

    This is embarrassing as hell, unnecessary and a damn shame. If I was a celebrity and this happened to me, I would go into hiding and never be seen or heard from again. Why didn't they try to sell the house or do something not to lose it. Ridiculous. I don't have sosha media, but I bet they were flossing and stunting all day. Idiots.

  • CookieMobster

    N!ggas gonna N!g, as my grandpappy would say!!!

  • Shenanigans1 does that happen for so long? See this is why celebrities should just buy their homes outright. At least they could’ve had a home to
    Go to as opposed to losing one. I know damn well he had the money to buy that house 3 times. All the shows he’s done, we fly high was his biggest hit. You mean to tell me he didn’t at least have 300k-500k to put down?

  • Shawty

    What...9 years. They got lucky as hell to stay that long without paying. Famous or gotta pay the bills!

  • tintin

    I've never missed a mortgage payment however does the bank allow it to go that long ? i mean 9 years , something makes no sense here.

  • luVn_liFe…

    HOW Do es the bank allow you to not pay for 9 years.. and allows you to live in it!!???
    HUH, i THOT the foreclosure process happens WAY Quicker these days since the sub prime fiasco

  • luVn_liFe…

    that's what I just said.. 9 years and they lived in it?? I dont believe this story

  • SpiceGirl TF do you go THAT long without paying anything? One month and they talking don't have to leave....but you got to get TF out of HERE!

  • Kanyade

    Didn’t Pay Mortgage for 9 Years


  • Tinytoon

    Partially famous people can drag it out as long as they can. Me & you, nope. Misses 3 months, foreclosure process starts, depending on the state of course.

  • luVn_liFe…

    $680,000 !! come on Jim/Chrissy ya'll should have at least paid that off in chunks! However on the same token they arent married .. I wonder if both of their names were on the mortgage and deed??

  • Gloria

    Oh Wow. So this explains why they will be back on Love and Hip Hop New York. These niggas are hood rich and aint got no money, living way above their means lol

  • Guess Who

    I don't understand so perhaps there are some loan agents/bankers or processing agents in the house... does one get away with not paying the loan for 9 years and not having the home repossessed eariler than that? I'm flabbergasted!