Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images

Relax ladies. Jeannie Mai’s rep denies reports that she is pregnant with boyfriend Jeezy’s baby. According to Jeannie’s rep her uterus is currently unoccupied.

Rumors spread this week that the 40-year-old daytime talk show host was pregnant with rapper Jeezy’s baby. If true, the child would have been Jeannie’s first and Jeezy’s 2nd or 3rd.

According to, a source claimed Jeannie is “eating for two” and that camera crews were under strict orders to shoot her from an angle to hide her growing baby bump.

“We’ve been told to shoot Jeannie from the side to make her look slimmer,” the source tells MTO News. “Jeannie is already a tiny girl, so there’s really no need to make her slimmer.”

But Jeannie’s rep tells exclusively that the divorced TV personality is not pregnant.

According to Scott, Jeannie’s rep “flat out denies the report.”

Only time will tell if Jeannie or Jeezy will be changing diapers this summer.

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