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Ellen Pompeo lashed out at editors of gossip website TMZ for their coverage of the helicopter crash that killed Lakers legend Kobe Bryant and his 13-year-old daughter, Gianna “Gigi” Bryant.

Pompeo slammed the gossip blog for breaking the news of Bryant’s death before it was officially confirmed and before his wife, Vanessa Lane Bryant, was informed.

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Pompeo took to Twitter on Tuesday to voice her concerns about the publication’s approach to reporting.

The 50-year-old Grey’s Anatomy star addressed TMZ and its founder, Harvey Levin, suggesting the police leaks information to TMZ.

“I wonder why police departments give @HarveyLevinTMZ all this sensitive info? I wonder why @HarveyLevinTMZ puts out photos of women who have been attacked or assaulted… Who were victims? Exploiting women who have been abused… why is this guy still in business at all?”

She continued: “So many questions I have …if we are not tolerating abuse anymore, shouldn’t we be calling this out? Exploiting women who have been abused, exploiting the brutal sudden death of peoples loved ones is certainly emotional abuse. I call times up on his behavior.”

Pompeo urged fans to be “furious about the history of this media outlet regarding women”, insisting: “It’s not news it’s exploitation.”

Neither TMZ or Levin has yet to respond to the allegations, according to