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Kim Kardashian-West and Kanye West sent a cease and desist letter to their former bodyguard, warning him that if he spills anymore tea, he could be facing a $10 million lawsuit.

According to a letter obtained by, the celebrity couple fired off a C&D to their ex-employee Steve Stanulis after he appeared on the Hollywood Raw Podcast earlier this year.

In the document, the pair claim Stanulis breached the confidentiality agreement he signed back in February 2016 by making “false and defamatory” statements about them.

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The couple took issue with Stanulis opening up about Kanye’s alleged “ridiculous” rules – such as insisting he walked 10 paces behind Kanye on city streets and getting angry if he ever blocked a paparazzi photograph.

The letter concludes by stating that if Stanulis breaches the agreement again, Kim and Kanye will consider filing a lawsuit against him.

It’s not the first time the pair have threatened Stanulis. They slapped him with a cease and desist in May 2016 when he spilled their tea. They also asked for a public apology from the bodyguard.

After receiving the letter, Stanulis’ publicist Zack Teperman told that his client went on the podcast to promote his new career as an actor and director.