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Trey Songz took aim at Kanye West for being "in the way of progress" after the rapper shared his controversial views on revered anti-slavery activist Harriet Tubman.

During his first presidential rally in Charleston, South Carolina on Sunday, Kanye claimed former slave Tubman, who returned to a plantation 19 times to lead 70 others to freedom, "just had them work for other white people!"

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Trey was among Kanye's musical peers who wondered what happened to their old friend.

Sharing a clip from the rally, which features a woman saying, "Yo, we're leaving right now," following the slave comments, on his Instagram page, Trey, real name Tremaine Aldon Neverson, wrote: "They been sayin man Trey need to call these n****s before he just put em online blastin."

Referring to the rap producer as "goofy," Trey said: "Ye you in the way of progress foreal [sic], how you turn this goofy from who you were?. I'm so confused, whoever got his number need to call him."

50 Cent reposted a clip of the speech alongside the caption: "What the f**k did he just say? This is all Jay Z's fault. Kanye's first rally. LOL."

Rapper Q Tip simply posted an image of Tubman along with the caption, "#Hero," while female rapper Noname didn't hold back, tweeting: "KEEP HARRIET TUBMAN NAME OUT YOUR F**KING MOUTH!!!!!!!"

The View co-host Meghan McCain tweeted: "Kanye West needs serious help, not media coverage."

Kanye's announcement that he was running for president upset Democrats who accused him of conspiring with his pal, President Donald Trump, to siphon off Democratic votes from Democratic nominee Joe Biden.