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This week, singer Trey Songz hit back at allegations of sexual misconduct with a bevy of women.

The 35-year-old singer, born Tremaine Aldon Neverson, was accused by Celina Powell‘s friend Aliza of holding her hostage inside a hotel room.

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Aliza claims the R&B crooner and father of one confiscated her phone and purse, then urinated on her.

Actress, singer Keke Palmer also accused Trey of predatory behavior toward her.

Now Twitter has uncovered an old interview in which singer Bebe Rexha shares a MeToo story about Trey.


Bebe, real name Bleta Rexha, says the 35-year-old flirted with her all night at a wedding party that he attended with a date. She said when he got her alone, he forced himself on her and tried to kiss her.

“He literally is at the door & pushes me against the wall, and puts his lips on my lips & is like ‘let’s do this.'”

“Something else happened, but I’m not gonna say that,” she said.


Bebe, 30, laughed nervously while sharing her story among friends.

The allegations threaten to destroy Trey’s career – or what’s left of it. Trey pleaded his case on Wednesday.

“Y’all stay ready to believe a bird,” Trey wrote, revealing messages exchanged between himself and his accuser.

The moody Sagittarius continued: “I usually stay quiet on this but I feel that in many ways the movement to fight for the women who actually have suffered harassment and abuse on various levels, has been hijacked by those who find it convenient for themselves to come up as they seek to destroy someone’s life.”

He brought up other women accusing him of sexual misconduct, writing: “I brush it off everytime [sic] but once you have an allegation no matter it’s true weight in validation, it’s now happened once and to some will be believable from that moment forward. None of that happened.

“Y’all remember Jane Doe claimed I sexually assaulted her in Miami? She wants me to pay for her therapy and the rest of her school cause of ‘all the trauma she’s been through.’ Pls read.”

“You will choose 2believe what you want. I’ve been focusing my energy and time on good things and I know the Devil wants my soul more now than ever,” he wrote. “Ima keep my head high and push forward. If you holdin me down in these moments I preciate that. [sic]”