Photo may have been deleted

Summer Walker sparked debate on Instagram over the government’s response to the impact of Covid-19 on the Black community.

The 24-year-old “Girls Need Love” singer responded to a fan who wrote: “The whole system is corrupt. Burn everything down.”

Summer replied: “You literally won’t get anywhere doing that but making everyone go into martial law and nobody won’t get s***. Y’all need to take that same passion and energy & use it to come together in the black community.”

She added: “Black people have no unity. We want everyone else to support but won’t support each other but nobody wants to hear all that… so unorganized.”

Photo may have been deleted

According to blogger Jasmine Brand, back in May, Summer alleged COVID-19 was created by the powers that be to control overpopulation.

“All I wanna know is if these mf’s cared about population control so much why they ain’t put a cap on having kids globally like China a long a** time ago. You can have 1 MAYBE 2 & das it and das law, dese ppl with these 8 children families simply would be prohibited. Instead of going welllll over the Georgia guidestones [sic] and deciding to say we’re f***ed so let’s just create a fake a** virus implement martial law and throw everyone into fema camps murdering by masses. NOW FORGET EVERYTHING I just said. I like about everything I have no clue what I’m talking about.”

Summer may be referring to a widespread theory that people who refuse to take Bill Gates’ vaccines will be thrown into FEMA camps.