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Ice Cube is losing patience with Congressional lawmakers who are busy negotiating a $900 billion Covid-19 economic relief package.

If approved, the new deal will send $600 stimulus checks to Americans who face hardship from lock downs, loss of small businesses and expiring unemployment benefits.

The rapper is annoyed that the new Corona relief deal may not contain a financial bailout specifically for Black people.

After news that a new Corona relief package may be approve any minute now, Ice Cube tweeted a video which he captioned: “Where is the Black bailout?!”

Cube wondered how much of the stimulus money would be going directly to help Black businesses and into “the hands of people who don’t have the best banking relationships.”

He fears that the Black community will be overlooked again in favor of other minority groups who wield more influence in Washington, DC.

Cube stated that Black people are getting “caught up in a lot of other stuff,” and he’s tired of seeing Black people fighting and killing each other. Cube stated that “we need to cut that sh*t out.”

Cube ended his statement by telling his followers to “focus” and watch how much of the stimulus money is given to the Black community.