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Mary Cosby is upset that she didn’t get the chance to explain her “unconventional” marriage to her grandmother’s husband before the story hit the blogs.

Mary’s storyline was the most riveting of the cast members on Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. The Pentecostal preacher shocked viewers by sharing her private life with her husband, Robert Cosby, Sr., whom she first knew as her step-grandfather.

Mary inherited her grandmother’s empire of churches, restaurants and her husband. Before her grandmother died, she reportedly told Mary to marry her husband,

A Faith Temple insider revealed that Mary was already a married woman when she was cleaved to Bishop Cosby. “Mary had a husband before she married the bishop, a year after the death of her grandmother. His name is Dana,” said the source.

Mary’s storyline is the main reason Bravo TV producer’s asked her to be on the show. But before she could tell her own shocking story — it was all over the blogs and social media.

“I was not expecting it to be dropped on social media,” Mary told Us Weekly. “That was more of a disappointment for me because I feel like social media is a place I don’t feel comfortable in.”

Mary seemed to blame Bravo for leaking the storyline before the series premiere.

“They put that story right there with me,” said Mary. “It didn’t set it in a good light for me.”

Mary said the comments on social media cut her like a knife.

“Sometimes I read it and sometimes I respond back to them and block them,” she said. “Then sometimes I read it and [think], like, ‘OK, that’s your opinion.'”

She continued, “I try to separate it and I try not to put emotion into it. In my mind, I’m not here to make sense. I’m here to tell you, ‘This is what Mary is and this is what I’m about.’ And this is my story and you don’t have to accept it again.”