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A woman went berserk after a male exposed himself to little girls in a Los Angeles spa. The man told the shocked moms that he identified as a woman.

Several women vented their frustrations at the front desk staff at Wi Spa, who responded that the “law” allows males to enter female-only spaces.

One Black woman recorded her encounter with the front desk staff.

“I just want to be clear with you. It’s okay for a man to go into the women’s section, show his penis around the other women — young little girls, under age, your spa, Wi Spa, condones that. Is that what you’re saying?”

The front desk staff confirmed that men are allowed into female-only spaces because of sexual orientation.

“What sexual orientation? I see a dick. It tells me he’s a man,” the irate woman responded.

Several women demanded their money back and said they would not return.

A man who overheard the commotion, stepped forward to defend the male, referring to him as a “transgender person.”

“There’s no such thing as transgender,” the woman replied. “He has a penis…”

“You’re being a dick,” the man told her.

“No I’m not one. Actually I’m a woman who knows how to stand up and speak up for my rights,” she said.

Woke social media users were torn between raising awareness for transgender equality and protecting women’s rights.

One user wrote:

“Excellent rant from her. However, being that she is a black woman, she likely votes Democrat, and is now realizing that this programmed stupidity has dire consequences.”

Another user praised the Black woman for speaking out.

“It’s the African-American women that will save this country. So sorry but they are the ones stuck with the children. They are the ones having to put up with these pedos. And, they have strength and courage to say something about their rights to not see some goof’s junk out in public.”

And a third user wrote:

“No one who is a democrat has any right to complain about this, you brought this upon yourselves [sic].”

Others noted that indecent exposure is illegal in every state except liberal California.