By Sandra Rose  | 

Photo may have been deleted


A woman who could be Cardi B's twin responds to a video that went viral on social media this week.

The woman from New York, named Ashley, was sitting in a stylist's chair when her stylist made the comparison.

Ashley does bear an uncanny resemblance to Cardi B - right down to the rapper's raccoon eyes (dark circles).

The stylist posted a video of her client on Instagram with the caption: "'6' frontal wig install with soft layers & curls. My client is @iamcardib twin lol."

Ashley's photos were shared on Twitter with the caption: "i've never seen someone look SO MUCH like someone else and not be related to them.... wtf?!?!!!"

The video and photos went viral as fans noticed the resemblance. Some began referring to Ashley as "Cardi C" or "Cardi D."

Ashley responded to the viral video, telling Allure that she's been compared to Cardi since 2015. She says she doesn't understand why people think she looks like the rapper.

Ashley swears she doesn't go out of her way to look like Cardi.

"Everywhere I go, [I hear] 'she looks like Cardi B.' They'll say it under their breath, and I'll hear it. I literally try to look every time somebody says it, but I don't see it."