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Twitter is outraged over the Zac Stacy viral video -- but not for the reasons you think.

Home surveillance video shows the ex-NFL player punching and throwing his ex-girlfriend, Kristin Evans, to the floor. He is also seen dragging her off a sofa and throwing her into a flat screen TV.

The video is shocking and disturbing to watch. But many on Twitter say people should stop sharing the video.

Ex-NFL player Cam Worrell tweeted "There is no need to post the video of Zac Stacy."

Others on Twitter agree that the video shouldn't be shared because it's too "traumatic" and "triggering".

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One user tweeted: "I hate that I see that Zac Stacy guy video circulating. It’s very traumatic for me and triggering."

Another user wrote: "Don't retweet that Zac Stacy video on the timeline, at least not without a trigger warning. Be mindful of domestic violence survivors that may follow you."

And a third person tweeted: "I will NOT be sharing the #ZacStacy video but if you do please please put a trigger warning (TW)."

But other Twitter users say sharing the video is important to raise awareness for domestic violence victims who often suffer in silence.

Evans said she was ignored by her local police department in Florida after she tried to take out a restraining order on Stacy.

"The Oakland PD officers that came to my house didn't seem to think this was a bad enough incident to make an immediate arrest or to file for an immediate warrant. It took four days of me calling people and an Orange County officer speaking on my behalf."

She added:

"The Florida justice system has been failing me. I have filed police reports previously and the State Attorney hasn't picked them up. Other women fall victim to this everyday. Please call attention to the Florida State Attorney."

Caution: The video below contains violence which may be disturbing to some viewers.