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Instagram models who hope to secure a plane ticket from rapper Young Thug will be disappointed.

The rapper shared a video on his Instagram Story explaining why women should look elsewhere for that plane ticket.

Unlike his rap brethren, Thug isn't flying women anywhere. In fact, he's not even taking a woman on baecation.

"I don't fly b*tches nowhere, P! I don't fly b*tches in town. I don't fly b*tches nowhere. I'm not even no baecation type of ni**a... Why would I, what? What?"

Young Thug

Rachel Murray/Getty Images

He continued:

"I don't fly b*tches nowhere. No b*tch traveling off of me. I'm not that type of ni**a. You know whatumsayin? Especially when I'm suited and booted..."

Thug didn't provide any context for his video announcement, but a model probably mistook him for a travel agent and got her feelings hurt.

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