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More details have emerged about beauty queen Zoe Sozo Bethel who died after suffering a traumatic brain injury earlier this month.

Bethel, who was named Miss Alabama 2021, died Friday, Feb. 18, after she was removed from life support.

Bethel’s official manner of death was ruled “accidental” by the Miami-Dade Medical Examiner, according to the Miami Police Department.

Multiple media outlets have reported conflicting stories about how Bethel suffered a brain injury. Some outlets report that she was in a car accident. quoted a source within the Miami Police Department who said she “attempted suicide” by jumping from a seven-story condo.

Now the story has evolved again.

The Miami Police Department tell PEOPLE that officers “responded to a call of a possible suicide attempt” on Feb. 11 at about 12:05 a.m.

Their preliminary investigation revealed that the victim, who was identified as the 27-year-old, “fell out of a third-floor window.”

“This was a tragic accident, and no foul play is suspected,” the statement said.

Bethel’s family launched a GoFundme page to raise money for emergency surgery before she passed away. $47,000 has been collected so far. On Tuesday, the goal was raised to $500,000 without explanation.