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August Alsina denies rumors that he is shopping a tell-all book about his alleged “entanglement” with Jada Pinkett Smith.

According to published reports, Alsina was shopping a tell-all book after Will Smith slapped comedian Chris Rock at the Oscar Awards on March 27.

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Jada, 50, used the term “entanglement” to describe her elicit affair with the 29-year-old singer.

As rumors swirled about a tell-all book, the hip-hop artist told his 6.7 million Instagram followers they need Jesus. He also encouraged them to “go find sum’n safe to do” rather than spread unfounded rumors about him.

“What would be the need to write a book about my supposed “sex life” with ANYBODY, EVER, in life?” he wrote on Instagram.

“[T]hey’ve written several fantasies, hypotheticals & fictions based about me on wattapad. If vou’re looking for that kind of entertainment, go read those! Read the book called “HOLY BIBLE” while you’re at it too,” he wrote.

“[F]or whomever created and believed these lies. I’m just living my life, trying to create peace, from all the glass and broken pieces of hearts, in the life of my own and ones connected to me. Lastly; Why would one look to make that “type” of money, eating from the lowest of fruit, when God’s promise is GREAT HARVEST? I’m Gods very Own, so HE makes me RICH! & Not just in spirit. Be blessed. -King SiNA’ now go find sum’n safe2do 9.”

August also addressed the rumor on Twitter.

“No!,” he wrote in response to a tweet about the alleged book. “It would make you a messy thotBox of a supposed ‘man,’ for being [on Twitter] based off lies concerning where my stick goes,” he said, while adding the eggplant emoji.