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Tyrese gifted his eldest daughter Shayla Gibson with a brand new Rolls Royce as a graduation gift.

The singer/actor took to Instagram on Wednesday, May 25, to celebrate Shayla’s graduation from 9th grade.

Shayla is the youngest Rolls Royce owner in America. Some states allow 14-year-olds to drive.

Tyrese, who is over in London, was not able to attend Shayla’s graduation due to his busy work schedule.

He wrote on Instagram:

“Broken hearted that I had to miss our angels 9th graduation but I did whatever it took to make sure my baby felt the love from here… Always the smartest and most incredible soul in the room congratulations to our angel SHAYLA [ Princess ] Gibson… Daddy love you sooooooooo much!!!!! You did it baby!!!!”

He added:

“I feel horrible as a father that I missed this one-of-a-kind moment but it’s very very clear that my daughter felt all that love that I arranged from London.”

“Thank you Momma Norma for being there,” the actor wrote to his daughter’s mother. “Funny that you’re in my country and I’m in yours,” he mused. “Congratulations to our angel SHAYLA [Princess] Gibson. You did it, baby. You have made daddy sooooooo proud!”


Shayla is Tyrese’s daughter by his ex-wife Norma Gibson, who filed for a restraining order against Tyrese in 2017 after she claimed he beat their then-10-year-old daughter so hard that she couldn’t sit down.

Norma testified that she feared Gibson and she accused him of being a bad father. Tyrese was so upset that he went to Cedars-Sinai emergency room where staff determined that he was not suffering a heart attack, just a panic attack.

In 2017, he married Samantha Lee Gibson. He and Samantha welcomed a daughter named Soraya in 2018. In late 2020, he and Samantha announced their divorce.