Photo may have been deleted
Osceola Sheriff’s Office

A seventh member of Haiti’s Special Olympics delegation has gone missing in Florida.

25-year-old Louis Jacques Wilguens went missing just days after six Haitians disappeared in the Kissimmee area, the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office announced.

Photo may have been deleted
Osceola County Sheriff’s Office

Police identified the six missing men as Atione Joseph Mithon, 32; Nicholson Fontilus, 20; Peter Mianovich Berlus, 19; Anderson Petit-Frere, 18; Steevenson Jacquet, 24; and Oriol Jean, 18.

The Haitians were in Kissimmee participating in the 2022 Special Olympics Games at Disney World when they all disappeared after turning in their hotel room keys.

Hotel staff found luggage and other belongings in the rooms.

In a statement, the sheriff’s office said Wilguens was last seen getting off a bus at Disney’s All-Star Sports Resort in Lake Buena Vista on Saturday at around 4:30 PM, TMZ reported.

Wilguens was wearing blue jeans and a Special Olympics shirt with “Haiti” written on the front. He was scheduled to fly back to Haiti on Sunday, but he didn’t make the flight.

Haitian reporter James Pierre said the men were likely with their families in Florida or New York.

But authorities have interviewed the family members, with no signs of the missing men.

There are reports that the men may have been grabbed by sex traffickers.

Watch the video below.

Police ask anyone who sees Wilguens to “check his well-being” and immediately get in touch with authorities.