Photo may have been deleted
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Dwayne Haskins’ Wife Kalabrya Haskins can’t get over the fact that police revealed her husband had a woman in his car the night he died at age 24.

“I can’t stop crying, It feels like I’m dying,” she wrote in a new Instagram post featuring a photo from her wedding night. She uploaded other photos from their life together in a gallery.

Previously, Kalabrya expressed her disappointment that Florida police revealed her husband had an unidentified woman in his car the night he died. The woman told Florida Highway Patrol officers that he left the car to go get gas.

The medical examiner’s report noted that his cause of death was multiple blunt force injuries and the manner of his death was an accident.

Haskins was drunk and his blood alcohol levels were .20 and .24, above the legal limit of .08 in Florida. He also had the party drugs ketamine and norketamine in his system.
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Kalabrya was upset that the medical examiner’s report also noted that an unidentified “female companion” was in his car.

According to 911 audio released in April, Kalabrya, who was at home in another state, told a 911 dispatcher that the Steelers’ quarterback was walking to get gas on the morning of April 9 and he told her that he would call her back when he returned to the car. When he didn’t call back, she called 911 and requested that officers check on him.

By that time, his body had been found on the highway by FHP officers. But he didn’t have identification on him. It was hours before Kalabrya learned of his fatal accident.

It was days before she learned – along with the public – that an inebriated woman was in his car.

Kalabrya said the woman in his car and his blood alcohol levels should not have been released to the public.

Photo may have been deleted

On July 3, 2021 Kalabrya was charged with knocking Haskins’ tooth out during an altercation in a Las Vegas hotel room. They were engaged a few weeks later and the assault charge was dropped.

According to Black Sports Online, the two met when she cheated on her boyfriend with Haskins. Kalabrya was dating Michigan State basketball player Nick Ward when she played basketball at MSU.