Photo may have been deleted

Megan Thee Stallion was ambushed and nearly attacked onstage by an overexcited fan who twirled her around to get a better view of her butt.

Cell phone video shows Megan performing at Twitchcon in San Diego, when the man rushed onstage, grabbed her arm and twirled her around.

Security was several steps behind the man, but they didn’t catch up to him in time. She could have been seriously injured if the man had a weapon on him.

Megan didn’t miss a beat and continued performing like a true professional. The video went viral on Twitter, where many people blamed the curvaceous rapper for dressing slutty and twerking.

One Twitter user said more men would be respectful of women if they carried themselves like ladies.

Question: Do you think Megan should tone it down and put on some clothes to stop enticing men?