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James Prince Sr. sent a message to Takeoff’s family after his sons, J. Prince, Jr. and Jas Prince, were asked not to attend Friday’s memorial service at State Farm Arena.

According to sources, James Prince, Sr. planned to send his sons to Takeoff’s memorial service to pay their respects. But they were asked not to attend because trouble awaited them if they set foot in Atlanta.

The Prince family received death threats from Atlanta gangs in the days since Takeoff died on Nov. 1.

J. Prince, Jr. placed hundreds of roses at the site where Takeoff was killed outside his bowling alley in Houston. Red roses spelled out “H-TOWN (infinity) THE PRINCE FAMILY.” They also released doves.

A small poster below the roses read: “RIP Takeoff.” There was also a blown up photo of the Prince family and photos of Takeoff.

Takeoff’s fans believe the flower arrangement was a sign of disrespect to Takeoff’s family.

Rapper Drake was the only Mob Ties affiliate to attend Takeoff’s memorial service on Friday.

Drake’s presence was not well-received. He left soon after speaking to the mourners inside the arena.

Watch the video below.