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Donald Trump responded to Ye West mocking him in a campaign video that he shared on Twitter.

In the video, Ye, formerly known as Kanye West, said he had dinner with Trump at Mar-a-Lago on Tuesday, Nov. 22.

Ye, who announced his 2024 presidential bid last week, claims Trump yelled at him after he asked the former President to be his vice president.

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“I think the thing that Trump was most perturbed about [was] me asking him to be my vice president,” said Ye. “I think that was lower on the list of things that caught him off guard.”

“It was the fact that I walked in with intelligence,” he added.

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In a post on his Truth Social app on Friday, Trump, 76, claims Ye and “three of his friends” showed up at Mar-a-Lago “unexpectedly” on Tuesday.

“This past week, Kanye West called me to have dinner at Mar-a-Lago. Shortly thereafter, he unexpectedly showed up with three of his friends, whom I knew nothing about. We had dinner Tuesday evening with many (country club) members present on the back patio. The dinner was quick and uneventful. They then left for the airport.”

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Trump’s version of what happened at the dinner was inconsistent with what Ye said.

Trump seemed to clarify that he didn’t yell at Ye or disrespect Ye’s ex-wife, Kim Kardashian. Watch Ye’s video below. He also seemed to suggest he didn’t know white supremacist Nick Fuentes, who was with Ye.

Ye’s advisor Milo Yiannopoulos told The Daily Beast: “It wouldn’t surprise me in the least to find them laughing about it in the near future. Assuming Mr. Trump isn’t too wounded, of course… Trumpworld is in crisis tonight.”

Trump announced his 2024 presidential bid at Mar-a-Lago last week.

Yiannopoulos said Trump doesn’t have a chance of winning the presidential election against third party candidate Ye.

“In my personal view, the former president has only himself to blame,” he said.

“This is an overdue reckoning. President Trump has neglected and betrayed everyone who loved him most, from the cancelled personalities who helped him into office to his abused supporters on January 6. He might like to reflect on whether he could have done more to acknowledge and support his most loyal fans over the years. Habitual, callous ingratitude has a way of catching up with you.”