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Black Twitter reacted with outrage to the news that Sean “Puffy” Combs helped Elon Musk purchase Twitter for $44 billion.

The music mogul, who is secretly a Republican, is among the investors who helped Musk takeover Twitter by investing $10 million in the social media platform.

Combs, 53, said he helped Musk buy Twitter so he could have “a seat at the table.” Other investors include a Saudi prince and twitter founder Jack Dorsey.

Combs recently became a billionaire, according to former Forbes editor Zack O’Malley.

Combs was once a very vocal Democratic supporter. But he quietly switched parties after disagreeing with Barack Obama‘s policies and the fact that he did very little for Black people when he was president.

Twitter users reacted to the news that Combs invested in Elon Musk’s takeover.

One Twitter user wrote:

“if ur pissed at elon musk buying twitter, then also direct ur hate towards diddy who helped him!!! the celebs always show their true colors at some point. remember when diddy threw a kettlebell weight at his son’s coach head and was arrested?”

The news comes as Musk prepares to lay off roughly half of his 7,500 Twitter staffers on Friday morning.

Musk, 51, plans to fire 3,700 employees by email on Friday. Twitter staffers in the San Francisco, New York and London offices discovered that they were locked out of their computers on Friday.

According to sources, staff passes were suspended and work laptops deactivated to minimize the risk of disgruntled employees retaliating.