Photo may have been deleted

A plethora of Elon Musk videos have gone viral on social media. In the videos, the Twitter CEO appears to be high as a kite on meth or other illegal substances.

The viral videos would be headline news if they actually featured Elon Musk high on mushrooms. Actually, they are “deepfake” videos.

@plattepus Elon made a discovery #elonmusk #fyp ? original sound – Platte

Deepfake videos of Elon are currently making the rounds on Twitter. There are hundreds more deepfake “Elon” videos on TikTok.

Photo may have been deleted

Free deepfake apps online allow anyone to create deepfake videos just by uploading a photo of the person to the app.

A bitter woman could create a deepfake video of you to get you fired from your job. Or she could create one featuring your husband to break up your marriage.

This Kendrick Lamar music video features deepfakes of Kanye West, Will Smith, the late Nipsey Hussle, Jussie Smollett, and more.

South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone raised $20 million for their professional deepfake studio. Expect to see big budget deepfake movies in theaters starring bold name actors who authorized the use of their likeness on the big screen.

In the very near future, actors can sit home and collect fat checks while their deepfake clones do all the work in movies.

There are already deepfake TV commercials featuring bold name stars.

What can you do if someone impersonates you in a deepfake video?

Not much. Unless Congress passes a law, deepfake technology is here to stay.

Question: Would you watch a movie that uses deepfake technology instead of real actors?