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A debate is raging on social media over Patrick Mahomes, left, and Jalen Hurts — the first biracial and Black quarterbacks to face off in the Super Bowl.

The NFL claims Super Bowl 57 will be one for the history books since both quarterbacks are Black.

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Patrick Mahomes is not Black, he’s biracial. Therefore, Super Bowl 57 is not the first to feature 2 opposing Black quarterbacks.

This is getting tiresome. Patrick has one white parent and one Black parent. Therefore, he is biracial.

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NFL legend Doug Williams is the first fully Black quarterback to start and win a Super Bowl. But even he is caught up in the hysteria.

“I’ve got such a smile on my face right now, but I’ve got water in my eyes, too,” he said. “There are two Black quarterbacks in the Super Bowl. Either way, I can’t lose.”