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Kim Zolciak-Biermann‘s Georgia mansion is being sold on the courthouse steps after she fell behind in her mortgage payments.

According to PEOPLE, Truist Bank will sell the Alpharetta, Ga. house on the courthouse steps on March 7, unless Kim can fork over the cash to save her home.

While some of you are just hearing the news this week, YouTuber Michelle “ATLien” Brown was all over the story last year.

In one YT video recorded in November, Michelle showed an Instagram Live video of Kim angrily denying the foreclosure rumors and giving a tour of her spacious 7-bedroom, $2.5 million mansion.

Kim takes viewers on a tour from room to room, showing off her high end furniture and well-appointed decor.

“You guys, can you believe it? I’m still in my house. You lying sacks of sh*t!” Kim said during the home tour.

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According to PEOPLE, Kim and her husband, ex-NFL player Kroy Biermann defaulted on a $1.65 million loan they took out for the house in Oct. 2012.

After a flurry of high-profile home invasions last year, Atlanta PD warned rich people to stop displaying their homes on social media. Criminals are always on the lookout for their next target.

Michelle explained that Kim took an additional $300,000 mortgage on the house for unknown reasons. She fell behind on those payments as well.

Photo may have been deleted

Someone purchased the smaller loan and put an additional lien on the mansion.

Now Kim and Kroy have been told to get out because the house will be sold next month.

Watch the video below.