Sam Smith (C) and male-to-female singer Kim Petras (L) made an “Unholy” scene at the 65th Annual Grammy Awards last night.

Smith, who is nonbinary, and Petras won the Grammy Award for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance, making Petras the first openly MtF trans to win a Grammy award.

The performance was slammed as “satanic”, “demonic” and “evil” by social media users who objected to the devil worshiping.

A tweet by CBS sparked outrage online with many accusing the network of sending the wrong message to viewers.

CBS responded to a tweet from Smith, which featured B&W photos of the singer in rehearsal.


“This is going to be SPECIAL,” Smith tweeted with a devil emoji.

CBS responded, “….you can say that again. We are ready to worship!”

Music video producer and director Robby Starbuck said CBS was “compromised by evil.”

“This is what CBS said to Sam Smith right before he did his demonic performance as Satan. Think about that. They aren’t even trying to hide how compromised by evil they are anymore. It’s all out in the open now,” he tweeted.

Others accused the news outlet of worshiping satan and said the network would do anything “for ratings.”

Senator Ted Cruz called the performance “evil.”

Conservative political commentator Liz Wheeler tweeted, “Meanwhile demons are teaching your kids to worship Satan. I could throw up.”