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LSU star Angel Reese got a crash course in the Crip Walk from Memphis Grizzlies star Ja Morant.

The pair are seen in a viral video practicing the Crip 2-step, a dance that was meant to spell out the letters “C-R-I-P” and was used to identify gang affiliation.

The dance was taken mainstream by popular Crips gang members such as rappers Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, and Blueface.

Athletes renamed the Crips dance to “griddy” to slip it past censors at sports networks.

The new name managed to fool TikTok and sports analysts who don’t know the Crip Walk when they see it.

Morant is allegedly a member of the Tennessee faction of the Crips street gang. He routinely throws up the Crips hand sign during NBA games, prompting ESPN’s Skip Bayless to question if he’s a gang member.

“What does that mean? Does that mean he wants to associate with the Crips? Or did he get initiated by the Crips? Or does he have dreams of being a Crip? I don’t know,” Bayless said.

The Crip Walk, also known as C-walk, is a dance that originated in the 1970s among members of the notorious Crips street gang in South Central Los Angeles.

The dance has been adopted by non-gang members like Serena Williams, Justin Bieber and Machine Gun Kelly. It is not safe for non-gang members to do the Crip walk in gang territory.

Below is a compilation video of famous Crip walkers.