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Angel Reese, star of NCAA women’s basketball champs LSU, stopped first lady Jill Biden from entering the locker room before the championship game on Sunday.

Reese explained in an interview on the I AM ATHLETE podcast that she didn’t want the first lady in the locker room because President Biden chose another team to win on his bracket.

The president had LSU losing to Michigan in the second round, according to Reese.

“Apparently [Jill Biden] was supposed to come to our locker room before the game, but we said no,” Reese explained. “We said we didn’t want her coming to the locker room. I think Joe Biden had put somebody else to win the national championship, he ain’t even put us in his bracket to get out of Baton Rouge.”

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Reese also addressed her trash-talking controversy. She was annoyed at the fact that Iowa fans called her “ghetto” and “thug,” while praising Iowa superstar Caitlin Clark for making the same “You can’t see me” hand gesture in prior games.

After the national title game, Jill Biden told ESPN she would ask the President to invite both teams to the White House. Her statement triggered accusations of “racism” and “white privilege.”

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Reese did not hold back in her interview. The outspoken 20-year-old said: “I just know if the roles were reversed there wouldn’t be the same. If we were to lose, we would not get invited to the White House.”

“We’ll go to the Obamas,” Reese added.

It is well-known that Louisiana head coach Kim Mulkey is a staunch conservative and Trump supporter.

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Coach Mulkey is pictured left with the Baylor women’s NCAA champions presenting then-President Donald Trump with a personalized jersey during a visit to the Oval Office at the White House on April 29, 2019.

It seems that Mulkey red-pilled Reese and her teammates, which partly explains why they chose to go to the Obamas’ house rather than celebrate their championship at the White House.

“Red pill” is a popular conservative term that refers to people who were once blind but now they can see the hypocrisy around them.

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