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Eddie Murphy is set to star in a new animated live-action hybrid version of The Pink Panther on the big screen.

Murphy’s version of The Pink Panther comes with a strange twist, according to Screenrant.

The actor/comedian will play the first Black Inspector Clouseau, who was portrayed by several well-known actors.

The most famous was the late British actor Peter Sellers who played Clouseau in the original 1963 movie and continued to play him until 1983’s Curse of the Pink Panther.

American comedy legend Steve Martin played Clouseau in the Son of the Pink Panther reboot in 2009.

Now comes word that MGM is producing a new Pink Panther movie with Murphy in the lead — but with a twist.

The twist is that the actual animated Pink Panther cartoon character will join Murphy in the live-action movie. But the Pink Panther cartoon character was never part of the original film series.

In fact, the Pink Panther in those films referred to an expensive pink diamond.

Screenrant fears that the addition of the actual Pink Panther cartoon in the film will “drastically change the movie” and “ruin The Pink Panther’s legacy.”

“The new approach is a big risk because there’s the possibility it will come across as cheesy, especially since it’s such a well-known series that has succeeded in the past. Murphy will have to put in his best effort to make the film work and not ruin The Pink Panther’s legacy.”

However, celebrity blogger Love B. Scott says “We’re not mad at the idea.”