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The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced new diversity rules for the Oscars’ Best Picture award.

To be eligible for Best Picture, films must feature a minority or LGBT actor in leading roles.

According to Deadline, to be considered for Best Picture category, the lead or supporting actor role must be played by an “Asian, Hispanic/Latinx, Black/African American, Indigenous/Native American/Alaskan Native, Middle Eastern/North African, Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander or unspecified other underrepresented race or ethnicity.”

According to the new guidelines, the crew must also be inclusive of women, LGBTQ+, BIPOC, and people with cognitive or physical disabilities.

Oscar-winning actor Richard Dreyfuss has had enough of Hollywood’s woke agendas.

“They make me vomit,” Dreyfuss said about the Academy’s new diversity rules on PBS’ “Firing Line.”

“No one should be telling me as an artist that I have to give in to the latest, most current idea of what morality is.”

Dreyfuss told “Firing Line” host Margaret Hoover that Hollywood is legislating feelings.

“And what are we risking? Are we really risking hurting people’s feelings? You can’t legislate that. And you have to let life be life.”

Dreyfuss noted that Black actors are playing traditionally white roles, but he can’t play a Black man in a film.

“Am I being told that I will never have a chance to play a Black man?” Dreyfuss said. “Is someone else being told that if they’re not Jewish, they shouldn’t play the ‘Merchant of Venice?’ Are we crazy? Do we not know that art is art?”

Dreyfuss is best known for his role as Matt Hooper in the 1975 film “Jaws.”

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