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YouTubers have exposed Tariq Nasheed’s $2 million Hidden History Museum as an event space with posters on the walls.

Tariq’s supporters reportedly donated $2 million to build his Hidden African History Museum that would tell the “hidden” history of slavery in America.

According to Tariq, his museum in Los Angeles holds artifacts and material featured in his Hidden Colors documentary series about buck-breaking Black men during slavery.

He promised to “build” an impressive museum that was depicted in an architectural drawing on his social media accounts (top picture). But he actually rented a storefront to hold his artifacts.

A portrait of Tariq is prominently displayed on one of the walls.

The museum opened in L.A.’s historically Black Leimert Park neighborhood in March of this year.

Various actors, including Vivica Fox, and hundreds of others turned out for the grand opening.

Photo may have been deleted

A YouTuber who visited the museum described it as an “event space” that is available to be rented out.

“This is an event space,” said the YouTuber. “He could’ve told people that’s what he wanted to build and he could’ve really gotten the same, probably a little bit less money, but it would’ve been something that people pooled their money together to have.”

He added: “I just think it’s a slap in the face.”

Tariq is one of the more vocal grifters (con artists) on social media, like Umar Johnson, who make a living from donations for various causes that will supposedly benefit the Black community.

Photo may have been deleted

Another well-known grifter — transracial activist Shaun King was recently online begging for money for medical procedures.

According to, King was diagnosed with occipital neuralgia, a nerve condition that King called “the worst pain I’ve experienced in my adult life.” He said it grew worse from a lingering spinal injury sustained more than two decades ago.

When King’s pleas for donations fell on deaf ears, his longtime friend, civil rights lawyer Lee Merritt tweeted Wednesday that King was “suffering.” Merritt acknowledged that people are tired of supporting grifters like King.

Merritt said he “knew what people would say” when they saw King’s Instagram post begging for more money.

Merritt asked his tens of thousands of followers to “help” King by donating money online.

Watch the video below.