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Cardi B denies cheating on her “stupid” husband, Offset, after the rapper claimed she slept with another man.

Offset posted his accusation in an Instagram Story on Sunday night.

“My wife f—ed a N-gga on me gang yall n-ggas know how I come [sic].”

Photo may have been deleted

Men know when another man has trespassed on their property. It’s a sixth sense that all men have. However, Cardi B denied the allegations.

In a profanity-riddled Twitter Spaces audio, Cardi called Offset “stupid,” “country,” and a “boy.”

She said he can’t accuse her of doing the same thing that he is guilty of (cheating).

“Don’t pay attention to the country man, y’all,” she said. She also claimed he’s upset because she upgraded him.

Rumor has it that… well, it’s not a rumor if it’s true. But let’s call it a rumor. They say Offset canceled a gig at a nightclub after he was nearly robbed of his jewels at a popular Atlanta strip club recently.

I won’t name the strip club, but, according to a source, Cardi B is highly offended that Offset ran away from the robbing crew instead of standing his ground like a man. You know how gang gang she is.

That may explain why Cardi is so hostile toward Offset in the Twitter Spaces audio. A wife should always respect her husband on a public forum. Even if he’s a simp.

Listen to the audio below.