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Former NBA star Gilbert Arenas explained why NBA players date Instagram models and strippers.

He said it’s an availability issue: Instagram models and adult film stars are more available because they don’t have full-time jobs.

Before her Twitter account was deleted, IG model Moriah Mills said NBA star Zion Williamson flew her everywhere and put her up in fancy hotels.

Gilbert said women who work 9-5 jobs don’t have that luxury. He said that’s why NBA players end up dating “the worst women in life.”


Gilbert said NBA players practice for a couple of hours a day, then run errands. This is how they meet women who don’t have traditional 9-5 jobs.

“The NBA… you have basically 22 hours every single day trying not to get in trouble,” Gilbert said on “The Pat Bev Podcast with Rone.”


“We have all the free time while everybody’s at work,” he said. “So if you’re not married… think about the other sex that’s free between noon and seven o’clock: Strippers, Instagram models that ain’t got s–t to do in life. All the sophisticated women are at work. They’re at work.”

He continued:

“They be like, ‘How come y’all ain’t meeting a nice lady?’ S–t, they’re at work when we’re out… By the time we meet, we’re meeting at the club. Now we really gotta guess which one is which. Other than that, our schedules match up with the worst people, the worst women in life.”

Speaking of Moriah, she still isn’t over Zion Williamson. She had his name tattooed on her face! Moriah captioned a video: “Stamped and locked in so you [know] it’s real.”

Watch the video below.