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Black Twitter roasted rapper Blueface for asking his 6-year-old son if he’s gay. The incident happened while Blueface filmed a video in a house filled with strippers and minor children.

In one video on his Instagram Stories, strippers twerked in the living room, while Blueface went looking for his 6-year-old son named Javaughn Porter.

Blueface found Javaughn in the bare kitchen pantry snacking on Slim Jims.

“Son, come here. Booty cheeks out here, and you looking for chips. You ain’t gay is you?” the “Thotiana” rapper asked the boy.

“You ain’t gay, right?” he asked again, as Javaughn shook his head no.

“My man! My dawg!” Blueface said, as father and son exchanged a high five.

Blueface and Javaughn’s mother, Jaidyn, also have an infant daughter named Journey Alexis Porter.

Black Twitter was outraged. Some people threatened to call Child Protective Services.