Photo may have been deleted

A viral video that shows diners arguing over splitting a $4,600 bill was staged.

The TikTok video was originally shared by @viccgotti, according to Complex. The video opens mid-argument as several diners refused to split the alleged $4,600 bill at someone’s birthday dinner.

“I’m only paying for what’s on the check,” one person says. “I’m not splitting the bill. That’s crazy!”

Another person complained that some diners ordered pricey menu items such as lamb chop and steak.

“Look at what all they got and they talking about splitting the bill,” one man argued.

“What did you come out for?” another man yelled.

“Y’all doing way too much. We didn’t order all that.”

“We come together, we split the bill. Period,” said a woman.

By Monday morning, Twitter and Reddit said the clip was “staged”. Moderators of the PublicFreakout subreddit removed the video, saying that “staged videos are not allowed on this platform.”

The video garnered over 16 million views on Twitter.