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Update 2, Aug. 9, 2023:

The Stockton, California district attorney announced Tuesday that no charges will be filed against a Sikh clerk who thrashed a shoplifter with a broomstick.

In a viral video, a vagrant is seen filling a trash can with packs of cigarettes. One 7-Eleven clerk held him while another clerk flogged him with the stick.

The thief, later identified by police as Tyrone Frazier, 42, was arrested on July 31 for vandalizing another business.

Photo may have been deleted
Stockton PD

The 7-Eleven clerks said Frazier came into the store twice before and threatened to shoot them before fleeing with stolen cigarettes.

Stockton police first encountered Frazier on July 29 when they responded to a call from Frazier complaining about leg pain from being beaten. Frazier didn’t say how he suffered his injuries.

Once footage of the 7-Eleven robbery went viral online, police connected Frazier to the crime and arrested him at the scene of a vandalism.

Frazier is a career criminal with a long history of petty thefts and vandalism. He remains in jail.

Update, Aug. 7, 2023:

Two Sikh clerks at a 7-11 store in Stockton, CA. are facing assault charges after they subdued and flogged a shoplifter with a stick.

According to KCRA 3 News in Sacramento, the two clerks say they are under investigation for assaulting a vagrant who robbed their store twice in the past.

Viral cell phone video shows the vagrant filling a trash can with packages of cigarettes while threatening a 7-11 clerk.

Another clerk held the shoplifter while his co-worker caned the thief 24 times with a long stick, as per Sikh tradition for lawbreakers.

The clerks eventually let the thief go without calling police.

However, Stockton police are investigating the incident for possible assault charges against the clerks.

Police say the vagrant will be charged with robbery — if they can find him.

When the investigation is complete, the findings will be turned over to the San Joaquin County District Attorney’s Office for review, KCRA 3 reports.

It will be up to the DA to determine if charges will be filed against the clerks.

According to conservative blogger Jeff Charles, The Modesto Bee‘s editorial board published an op-ed slamming the clerks for taking matters into their own hands.

The board wrote:

“Although brazen stealing is frustrating, costly and dangerous to store employees, confronting it with violence that far exceeds self-defense is not the answer.”

Originally published on: Aug 2, 2023 at 2:05 PM:

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Shoplifters have become more brazen as police stop responding to retail theft calls.

Due to the lack of police response, store owners are forced to take matters into their own hands.

One brazen shoplifter found out the hard way when he rolled a trash can behind the counter of a convenience store and filled it with dozens of packs of cigarettes.

The thief threatened to shoot the store owner if he didn’t back up.

“Shut up before I kill yo’ a*s,” the thief told him. “I got a strap right here. Back up, n*gga.”

A customer who captured the crime on his cell phone asked the owner if he had insurance. “Just let him go… Ain’t nothing you can do,” the customer told the owner.

The customer even asked the thief for a pack of Swishers cigars.

The thief continued to threaten the owner as he dragged the trash can towards the back exit.

Another man, presumably a store worker, grabbed the thief and held him while the owner beat the shoplifter with a big stick.

“Get these n*ggas off me man!” the thief cried out as the owner whooped him.

“That’s called whoopin’ yo’ a*s!” said the customer.

The homeless thief was taken to a hospital and treated for leg fractures and other injuries.

Watch the video below.