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A Costco employee says she’s being “body shamed” for distracting the men working in the Costco tire shop.

Aisha Mason called out her boss for giving her a verbal warning because she was out of uniform. “I am in dress code… but the men keep looking at me,” she wrote in her video caption on Instagram.

Aisha is blessed with curves in all the right places. The problem is her uniform is impossibly small, which can be distracting.

“I’m being body shamed,” Aisha complained in her video. “They don’t know what I went through in my life and the trauma that I went through to have to deal with being body shamed.”

She added: “All I wanna do is work.”

“I’m not being dramatic, but you pull me away from doing my job to tell me that I have the wrong type of body to wear the clothes that I’m wearing,” she explained. “I have on regular dress pants. And your excuse was the men in the tire shop and the boys keep stopping and looking at me. That’s not my fault.”

Watch the video below.