Photo may have been deleted

Sherri Shepherd is defending her decision to use hidden cameras to spy on her special needs son and his girlfriend.

The TV host made an appearance on SiriusXM’s “Andy Cohen Live,” where she revealed how she avoids having to pay child support for another unwanted child.

Photo may have been deleted

Sherri’s 18-year-old son Jeffrey Charles Tarpley Jr. was born prematurely with medical complications and is developmentally delayed.

Shepherd told Cohen she hid “cameras” in the family room to watch Jeffrey when his girlfriend comes over to visit.

Shepherd said, “The girl came over to our house, and I remember calling Garcelle Beauvais, and I was like ‘Oh my God, the girl’s coming over to the house, and all he wants, they want to kiss.'”

“I put a camera in the family room,” Shepherd continued, “and so I’m downstairs in the basement, and I’m looking at this thing and they’re watching TV.”

Shepherd said she heard her son tell the girl to come up to his bedroom.

“So I ran up before them. And I said, ‘Jeffrey, I gotta get the laundry.’ And I ran up ’cause I had a camera, and it literally was like ‘Mission Impossible.'”

“I tore up the box and I’m trying to read how you put the camera on Wi-Fi, and I can hear them talking and they’re coming upstairs, and I’m like, ‘Oh my God,’ I’m gonna pee on myself.”

Cohen said, “You know, that whatever’s gonna happen in there is something you do not want to see, so why are you torturing yourself?”

Shepherd replied, “Because you know what, Andy? Because I got a boy.”

Shepherd told Cohen Jeffrey “is such a gentleman!” She said they sat on the edge of the bed and played video games.

Once the girl left, Shepherd said she unplugged the camera.

Shepherd has reason to be concerned. She is still paying child support to her ex-husband Lamar Sally for their youngest son — even though he was conceived using a donor egg in 2014.

Following their divorce, a Pennsylvania appeals court ruled that Shepherd was legally responsible for Lamar Jr.

Watch the interview below.