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Yung Joc is not surprised that Jeezy is divorcing Jeannie Mai. The rapper-turned-radio host shared his opinions in a sit-down interview on VladTV.

Yung Joc said Jeezy probably married the TV host because she was submissive and he felt she would allow him to lead her and be the king of his castle.

Joc said:

“”But after they married, she didn’t have a job no more. They got a new baby. He on the road promoting a new album… Nah, this ni–a out here living his life and probably come home to some old calm – or what he want to be calm. She’s like ‘No! I need you here and I need to do this, this, and that…’ And it might not have turned out to be what he thought it was. And vice versa.”

Joc commented on Jeannie’s first marriage to Freddy Harteis from 2007 until 2017.

“She typically wanted to marry white for the status of it, for the classification of it, that’s understood… But she’s willing to date Black on the side. Black on the side is gonna give her a taste of what she doesn’t get in her regular life.”

Joc continued:

“But then when you live it all the time you realize that you can’t handle him the same way you handle that white man… You can’t say the same sh-t you say to this man and [Jeezy] gonna act the same way.”

Yung Joc also said he wasn’t surprised by Iman Shumpert and Teyana Taylor’s breakup.

Watch the interview below.