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Men on a Black manosphere board reminisced about the ’70s and ’80s when children were taught the importance of reading and arithmetic.

Nowadays, American schoolchildren rank at the bottom in reading and math scores around the world.

One man posted an old video clip of 9-year-old Tisha Campbell in her acting debut on “Magnificent Major” in 1977.

Tisha plays a young girl who learns the importance of reading and ‘rhithmetic, when she ends up in a dystopian future where reading is banned.

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One manosphere member recalled when every other television commercial expressed the importance of learning to read well. Educational shows like “Sesame Street,” “Reading Rainbow” and “Electric Company” were heavily marketed on PBS and other children-friendly channels.

Now educational shows and cartoons focus exclusively on gay-themed content with trans, pansexual, asexual, non-binary, and intersex animated characters.

One man wrote:

“In the 70s, 80s, 90s, every other commercial was about teaching kids to love reading or practice healthy habits, or make them aware of dangers in society.

Now… They barely acknowledge kids exist.”

Another person wrote:

“They make way less toys, have basically no toy stores, you barely even see commercials about toy and sh*t.”

A third person wrote: “I miss so much about this era.”

Watch the video below.