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Ms. Netta is very upset over comments from YouTube viewers questioning her sexuality. If you don’t know, Ms. Netta and Charles are one of YouTube’s most adorable and long lasting couples.

Despite their age difference, Netta and Charles have been together for years and share a fur baby.

Ms. Netta dedicates her YouTube channel to serving and pleasing Charles. This makes her female viewers angry because Netta is submissive to Charles.

Whatever she’s doing is working because her man is very happy and he’s not stepping out on her.

A few trolls launched a smear campaign against Netta, claiming she was born a man.

How could anyone think such a sweet Christian woman was born a man? Ms. Netta may not be easy on the eyes, but Charles loves her and her home cooking.

Netta addressed the wicked rumors in a livestream video.

“Stop asking questions, just get with the program. Y’all here for me. Y’all not here for my s**uality, or what I got or what I don’t have,” Netta said.

She continued: “Y’all stop it please. Ok? It doesn’t matter. Y’all either gon’ be here for me or not!”

Watch the videos below.